Christmas Outreach at Kamifukuoka Christ Church

Kenneth and Judy Bailey

We were blessed in December to participate in three Outreach meetings at Kamifukuoka Christ Church: two Mommy and Me Class parties and our annual Family Christmas. Many unsaved attended and heard the Gospel, some for the first time, and they also received Christian books and tracts. We especially enjoyed having our daughter’s family visiting from Seattle, and they played an important part in each of the ministries we presented. Our son-in-law, Dr. Jeremy Delamarter, was our guest speaker at Family Christmas, and we were delighted to have our son, Benjamin, (visiting from Kyoto) and our daughter, Tracey,  sing together as they had done so many times when they were younger, growing up in our Japanese churches.

Our prayer is that each word that was spoken, and each piece of literature that was given will plant a seed in the hearts and lives of those who attended, and the Holy Spirit will bring many new souls into His Kingdom in this new year! To God be the Glory!


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About Kenneth and Judy Bailey

The Baileys are working to plant a church in the Kamifukuoka neighborhood in Tokyo.