Four Prepare for Baptism in Uruguay

Steve and Lori Torrison

The Emmanuel FWB church in Malvin, a neighborhood of Montevideo, has been without a pastor for 2 years.  Recently they decided to invite a Cuban pastor to come pastor the church and help revive it, but it will be several months at least before he is able to come.  Praise the Lord, they have decided not to just warm the pews while they wait!  They have once again began having men’s, women’s, and youth meetings, in addition to the normal Sunday service and children’s church.  Four people have expressed their desire to be baptized!  We are looking forward to that service on October 22nd.

About Steve and Lori Torrison

The Torrisons have served inMontevideo, Uruguay, since May 2015. They seek to foster leadership development, teach Bible classes, and spearhead discipleship training.