Tim and Kristi Johnson

Recently as we were driving near our house, we saw a herd of cows in a large pasture.  They were all facing the same direction and all walking towards the same thing.  We looked, but we didn’t see the person who normally feeds them or any other reason they would all be walking in the same direction.  So, we began to wonder if the first cow just decided to head that way and the others followed.  Were they “influenced” by him?

Webster defines an influencer as:
“a person who inspires or guides the actions of others.
So WHO has influenced us?  Hopefully, our biggest influencer is Jesus Christ. After Him, we can think of many, many examples of people who have been wonderful “influencers” in our lives.
What about you?  Who are the “influencers” in your life?  We’re not talking about the YouTubers that you might follow, but the real-life people who have inspired you towards the goal of loving Jesus and serving Him. 
After having so many Godly people speak Truth into our lives, we are reminded that now it’s OUR turn to be those influencers.  And, to be honest, we’ve found it challenging to be an influencer when we have so many restrictions on gathering together.  Right now, Spain’s law allows for a maximum of 10 people to be together, with social distancing and masks required.  Even with these challenges, we’re thankful for opportunities to be with people who are searching.  Zoom calls.  Working with the social outreach program.  WhatsApp messages.  Coffee with friends in outdoor cafés. 
Pray with us that as we “labor with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission” that God will give us opportunities to influence people for the Kingdom.  
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About Tim and Kristi Johnson

As members of the Alpedrete team, Tim and Kristi are involved in church-planting efforts in the Madrid area. They live in the pueblo of Alpedrete, a town of 15,000 people, where they planted the first evangelical church in the town's history.