Love Your Neighbor

Doug and Miriam Bishop

A Change of Heart

On Valentines Day four years ago, we had just moved into our house in Bihoro. Boxes were every where, and our clothes were still in suitcases. In the mess of moving, both of our kids got pink eye. We took our kids to see Dr. K, Bihoro’s pediatrician.

At the appointment he asked us why we were there, and he said he was interested in English classes. We had just moved, so we hadn’t started teaching just yet. A month later we took our kids for their routine check-ups, and we let Dr. K know about Miriam’s Mommy and Me English class. He signed up his two year-old son the next day!

A few months later, Doug and Rusty Carney started teaching an adult English class together. We hand delivered an invitation to Dr. K. You guessed it! He signed up. Every week Doug, Rusty, and their students would study English, and then study the Bible in English. This study led to a lot of discussions about religion and Christianity.

While we were stateside, Rusty and Brenda continued teaching both the adult and the children’s English classes.

On Christmas Day, Rusty and Pastor Ishii were able to lead Dr. K to Christ! We are grateful to God for this news, and we are praying that his wife would also make this decision. It takes time to plant and water the “seeds” in Japan, but it is worth it. Every talk. Every conversation. Every act of kindness to build trust and friendship. God is at work, and many times we can’t see what He is doing. Like Isaiah 58:8-11 tell us, “His ways are higher than ours”!

Because you give, Dr. K came to know Christ! Thank you.

Reaching farther together,

Doug & Miriam Bishop

About Doug and Miriam Bishop

Approved for short-term ministry to Bihoro, Japan, in April 2012, Doug and Miriam completed their two-year internship in November 2015. They were approved as career missionaries in the December 2015 board meeting.