Missiles, School, and Retreat

Doug and Miriam Bishop

Another missile fired over our island on the 15th. It was unsettling, but we are thankful that no one was harmed. We know that many of you are just as concerned with N Korea as we are, so let’s pray for this situation together!

On a lighter note, our daughter Scarlet started pre-K, and now both of our older kids are in school. Please pray for us as we build relationships with their teachers and the other families in their schools! Everyday we get to talk with one of the moms from Scarlet’s school while we wait at the bus stop. Also, our neighborhood had their summer festival, and this gave us the chance to meet several of our neighbors. There are so many opportunites to meet people! Thank you for praying that we will be a light to those around us.

Miriam starts language school on Monday, and she is really excited! Many of you have been praying for her language studies, and we just want to let you know that your prayers are already being answered! She has the BEST teacher for all of her classes, and she has been able to have several basic conversations with different people. This is so encouraging! Please continue to pray for our family as we get into our new “normal.”

Doug had the priviledge of preaching at Koinonia Church on Sunday. It was his first time preaching since we’ve been back, and it is something that he’ll do on a regular basis. His buddy Kouta has asked him to help with a monthly youth outreach, and he’s decided to help with that as well. Please pray for the students that come, for their hearts to be soft and open to the gospel message!

Last week we flew down to the Tokyo/Mt. Fuji area for our Japanese missionary retreat. It was a blessing to spend a little bit of down time with our missionary family. A special thank you to April Milsaps for coming from Arkansas to help with childcare! Thank YOU for partnering with us!

About Doug and Miriam Bishop

Approved for short-term ministry to Bihoro, Japan, in April 2012, Doug and Miriam completed their two-year internship in November 2015. They were approved as career missionaries in the December 2015 board meeting.