Moving Mountains

Heath and Joni Hubbard

Mountains Moved

That’s His specialty

When we first found this property to rent (2nd floor of the blue building you see), it was 100% everything we asked God for regarding a meeting place. It was close to the train station, a decent size, and within our budget for price. We figured out early on that the only thing it was lacking was good parking. So we asked God!

A couple months ago we noticed that contructions crews had come in and began tearing down all 4 of the large buildings adjacent to our church. We prayed more and more that whatever was built in its place would have parking available for our church people.

God answered by giving us an entire public parking lot with over 60 spots! No mountain is too big for Him to move!
Oh, and incidentally, before the COVID19 pandemic, our church had been averaging just over 60 people! Isn’t God good!
While Japan has been in a State of Emergency over the past couple months, just like many of you, ministry has looked much different but we truly believe our outreach has grown even greater as a result and more people are having the opportunity to hear the good news of the Gospel!
All of our services, weekly classes, and BIble studies have moved to an online format for the time being. Pray with us that during this time of great uncertainty people will recognize their need for Christ, the peace and security He provides for His children at all times, and accept His gift of salvation. 
I love what one of our Japanese friends said about these times:
“I have watched the messages every week. And I feel God has been trying to teach me to struggle to have faith in Him alone;  also, how important it is to meet God’s people face to face.”
Many of you continue to partner with the work here and many are giving sacrifially during this epidemic. We want you to know it’s making a difference! Thank you!

Working from Home

We are thankful that our kids are able to continue schooling in a distance learning format for the remainder of the year. While they miss being with friends and being on campus for three full months, we are so grateful for all the hard work their teachers and school have done to allow them to keep learning in these different days.

Reaching Out

While it can be difficult to know exactly how to help people during these peculiar times, we have found some small things that make a big impact. We prepared bags of masks, toilet paper, tissues, soap, and flyers about our church, and we have been handing those out to neighbors and friends as well as allowing people to drop by the church and get some for themselves and someone they know.
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About Heath and Joni Hubbard

Heath and Joni Hubbard head a team working to plant a bilingual church in the Tokyo area.