New Year Already?

Nathan and Linda Snow

A new year already?


That’s right. The fiscal and school years in Japan run from April 1 to March 31. Although many things here are based off of the Western Calendar from January to December, this April to March year holds true for most official business and school applications.


As we draw this year in Japan to a close this month, this thought and verse came to mind. Although Easter Sunday comes earlier than usual this year, it becomes the final weekend of Japan’s year. What a fitting way to close it out. As our Savior gave his all, his last words were basically, “It is finished!” This chapter has been closed. Christ always has the last word, and is always the winning closer (for all you baseball fans). The verse that came to mind was Hebrews 12:2, where we are reminded that Jesus is not only the author of our faith, but the finisher as well.


Jesus has begun a good work in 29 year old Ms. A’s life, and she is only now beginning to realize and see it. She shared this week, “Whenever I begin to wonder if I can believe in Christ and make a decision, I look back at how God has worked in my life to bring me this far. I have been praying lately about several things, and I see God answering my prayers. I am coming to understand that I can trust in God, and I believe I will choose to follow Jesus soon.” We met Ms. A through an English conversation outreach class, and she has begun to study the Bible weekly with us.


The truth that Christ is the finisher is always an encouragement to us. Church planting in Japan does not currently move as quickly as we would desire. We continue to do our best to prayerfully lay out our strategies and labor faithfully for Him. However, it gives us great peace to know it is He who has called us here, He who’s time table we are on, and He who will finish it! It’s all about Him, and I’m glad you and I get to be a part of it!


Thank you for partnering with us! If you are not currently involved, you are cordially invited to join our efforts in Japan. We always need your prayers. We are also aggressively seeking new financial support to meet the growing deficit in our ministry account. As the Lord blesses you, and you are looking for a significant ministry to get involved in, please let us know at We would love to tell you more about the difference you can help us make here!


In Japan for Him,


Nathan and Linda Snow and family


 *note: photo is of Megan on her “coming of age day,” celebrated by all 20 year old’s in Japan.

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About Nathan and Linda Snow

Nathan and Linda Snow were appointed to missionary service in Japan in April of 1995. They work in the Abishiri area on the island of Hokkaido.

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