August 31, 2021

Recently we were able to spend time at our IM home office participating in re-entry sessions.  Our seminars included topics like:

  • How to communicate better
  • Creating a clear presentation for churches
  • The art of storytelling (We’ve got LOTS of stories to tell, and we can’t wait to share them with you!!!)
  • Using social media to share our message
  • And much more!

We also met with some of the different directors and specialists who handle things like finances and budgets and strategy.  It was a week filled with challenges and blessings.  We were challenged to do our job better while also blessed by the way our home office expressed their love and appreciation for us and our years of ministry.

The week ended by listening to some of our fellow IM workers and missionaries sharing their hearts about their ministries.  We LOVE getting to hear about how God is working in their parts of the world as they labor for Him.

Not only are we thankful for our IM home team, but we are also thankful for YOU as you’ve prayed for, supported, and encouraged us along the way.  ¡Muchas gracias!

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