Timothy Johnson

Since the end of June, our family has been in the States visiting with supporting churches.  We’ve put a LOT of miles on our car.  We’ve eaten a LOT of good food.  We’ve spent a LOT of time with friends and family.  We are BLESSED!

Each church where we’ve shared has been such an encouragement to us.  From hugs and reminders of prayers to new faith-promise commitments, gift baskets, and fellowship dinners.  We are BLESSED!

Our family spent time in Michigan during the summer and we are now living in South Carolina.  We are so thankful to the Little Bethel FWB Church for allowing us to stay in their church parsonage here.  Alejandro and Ana have both adjusted well to their “new” schools in the States (Welch College and Johnsonville High School).  And we are able to spend time with family in between our travels.  We are BLESSED!

Thanks for your prayers and support as we continue on stateside assignment and look forward to our return to Spain after Christmas.


About Timothy Johnson

As members of the Alpedrete team, Tim and Kristi are involved in church-planting efforts in the Madrid area. They live in the pueblo of Alpedrete, a town of 15,000 people, where they planted the first evangelical church in the town's history.