Tim and Kristi Johnson

We have enjoyed these past weeks of having Alejandro here with us while he completes his Overseas Apprenticeship requirements. He has stayed busy working in the Social Outreach program, studying, translating materials, helping with church projects, and participating in our English conversation times. It has also been wonderful to have some cherished family time…playing games, cooking together, watching movies in our living room, and laughing together as he and Ana play Mario on the Wii. While we weren’t expecting our summer to look like this, we’ve realized that as a family we shine brighter TOGETHER!

Recently, some people from our church gathered in a nearby park. It was the first time many of us had been together in SIXTEEN weeks. It was a sweet reunion! We took a guitar and sang some songs together. When we finished the first song, we looked around at our fellow believers and realized it was the FIRST TIME we’d been able to blend our voices together in a very long time. It felt good. We were doing what God designed the church to do…worship together. As a church, we shine brighter TOGETHER!

One Tuesday night recently, we met face-to-face with our English Conversation group in our new target area for the first time in four months. Instead of connecting through Zoom and trying to have conversations through the screen, we were able to look across the table and enjoy real-life conversations with our friends. It was such a JOY to be able to see them for our final session before a break for the summer. We definitely all shine brighter TOGETHER!

While we realize we aren’t completely back to normal yet, we are closer. Masks may stop us from giving the typical Spanish kisses (besos). Gloves may keep us from hugging and shaking hands with friends. Laws may dictate that we need to keep a social distance. But, nothing can keep us from joining our hearts together with friends around us. We shine brighter TOGETHER!

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About Tim and Kristi Johnson

As members of the Alpedrete team, Tim and Kristi are involved in church-planting efforts in the Madrid area. They live in the pueblo of Alpedrete, a town of 15,000 people, where they planted the first evangelical church in the town's history.