Tim and Kristi Johnson

This past summer we were able to stay a few days at a mission hospitality house in southern Spain.  We spent a lot of time walking on the beach looking for sea glass.  With each piece we found, we wondered just how it had gotten there.

Apparently, sea glass is formed in the ocean after years of physical and chemical weathering take their toll on broken bottles, pottery, or even glass from shipwrecks.  The persistent tumbling of the water smooths the rough edges and gives sea glass a beautiful, frosted texture.

Before our time at the beach, we’d spent months in lockdown inside our third-floor apartment.  We’d watched as people around us lost their jobs, contracted COVID, and found themselves with anxiety and depression because of the crisis.  They’d been “weathered” just like the glass in the ocean.

While churches were closed, more people than ever began to hear the Gospel in ways we would have never imagined using online formats like Facebook and Zoom.  Just yesterday, Tim attended an online conference where many people here in Spain listened to how our failures and fears help us to continue on with fire if we put our faith in Jesus Christ.  The speaker has weathered many storms in his life, and from them came his beautiful testimony.

Today the government in Spain has issued a new national lockdown, with night curfews and more travel restrictions.  Starting tomorrow, several towns around us will be in confinement, like the town where Ana goes to school and also our new target pueblos.

There will definitely be many more storms to weather in the coming months.  For now, we will keep this beautiful sea glass on our shelf, and we will smile each time we think about God’s goodness to bring good from the storms we have weathered.

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About Tim and Kristi Johnson

As members of the Alpedrete team, Tim and Kristi are involved in church-planting efforts in the Madrid area. They live in the pueblo of Alpedrete, a town of 15,000 people, where they planted the first evangelical church in the town's history.