Prayer Requests

Select from the following list for specific prayer requests for missionary individuals:

Anthony and Lea Edgmon

  • Pray for Anthony and Lea as they train and equip local believers to reach others with the gospel.
  • Pray that hearts would be receptive to the Gospel in this society that increasingly rejects God.
  • Pray for spiritual breakthroughs in the relationships that we have had with numerous people over a period of several years.
  • Pray for efforts to plant churches among the 10 million people who live in towns where there is no Gospel witness.
  • Pray for Anthony and Lea as well as Tim and Kristi Johnson as they work with the Alpedrete Church to train leaders and lead the church in planting a new work.
  • Pray for Anthony and Lea as they parent Emily and Marc in this cultural context.
  • Pray for the small federation of Free Will Baptist Churches in Spain.  We need more leaders in each work – Alpedrete, Galapagar (formerly Villalba) and Alcalá de Henares.

Updated April 23, 2019

Brenton Driscoll & Debbie Trifonova

There are a lot of big transitions happening in our lives right now:

  • we have officially begun the process of fundraising for our ministry in Shumen, Bulgaria;
  • we are getting married on July 12, 2019;
  • we are beginning our last semester of college this fall and preparing for graduation.

In the midst of all of these big events and transitions, we thank God for all of you who prayerfully and financially support us. We cherish your friendship and cannot wait to see how the Lord uses all of us for His Kingdom!


We would love it if you prayed for the following needs:

  • Please pray for us as we travel and raise support for our ministry in Shumen, Bulgaria.
  • Pray for us as we transition into marriage.
  • Pray for us as we prepare to join the missionaries on the Bulgarian field and begin working alongside the Provows in Shumen.
  • Pray that God would guide us and equip us to do His work among the people in Bulgaria.

Carlisle Hanna

  • Pray for God to give him wisdom and for God’s power to be victorious over the powers of darkness evident in the eastern religions.
  • Pray for Carlisle’s physical strength and health needs.
  • Pray for believers to exhibit spiritual maturity and a desire to share their faith.
  • Ask God for more national pastors in India and the means to support them.

Dale and Sandra Bishop

  • Ask God to give the missionary team wisdom and direction as new opportunities for ministry become apparent as we partner with our Japanese leaders in establishing new works.
  • Pray the gospel message will be received, and people will come to know Christ as a result of the recent earthquake and tsunami. Pray also for those who are endeavoring to help the hurting, displaced and suffering people. The recovery efforts will continue for many years.
  • Pray for our national pastors and leaders as they carry on and expand the work of the Lord in their local areas.
  • Pray for a strengthening of the Japanese church as Christians endeavor to reach their own people.

Daniel and Shelby Culwell

  • Pray for our boys they are having a hard time adjusting to all the travel and no place to call home. Barrett is most comfortable in Arkansas but we aren’t there often anymore, both boys have trouble going to nap and bed, they both used to be really good at just laying down and sleeping. PThe car is no fun for them and many times its just a lot of crying. Pray for peace.
  • Pray for our funds to come in quickly, we have about 7 weeks till our September goal to be fully funded. We are at about 67%.
  • Pray for our families as they try to adjust to us leaving.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to be working in the lives of the Japanese we will come in contact with while we are there.

Donnie and Ruth McDonald


  • Pray for Ruth as she travels to and speaks at the WNAC session at the Georgia State meeting on March 21st.
  • Pray for additional monthly faith promise gifts for our mission account. We only lack around $500 in monthly giving to be able to have the financial support to return to Japan.
  • Pray for Caroline as she continues in her transition to the states and college life at WELCH College. She is in her second semester of the pre-nursing program and is thoroughly enjoying the social, spiritual and academic life on campus.
  • Please continue in prayer for the stateside assignment for Ruth and Donnie. God has blessed with added financial support! However, $500 in monthly faith promise commitments are still needed before approval will be granted to return to Japan.
  • Please continue to pray for safety in our travels to FWB churches. We praise the Lord for nearly 30,000 miles of safety so far during our year of furlough.
  • Prayers for the the proposed church property for the Good News Chapel building have been greatly appreciated. However, the pathway to purchase the desired local house (below) to renovate into a church building was shut down by a community vote and earthquake proof restrictions. Please pray in 2019 that God would open up a new pathway for a property purchase to serve as a church building for the ministry of Good News Chapel.

Doug and Miriam Bishop

Updated May 21st, 2018

  • Pray for our family as we get settled, and for us to lay a good foundation for our first term.
  • Pray for Miriam as she goes to language school. Praise that she has is a fourth of the way done!
  • Pray for our kids as they go to school (Oliver 2nd grade, Scarlet K4, Hazel Pre-K) and for us to build good relationships with the other school families.
  • Pray that we would truly love the Japanese, and that we would open both our hearts and home to them.
  • Pray that we will be a light to all the new people we will meet as we live and work here.
  • Pray for the health of all the Japanese pastors and their wives.
  • Pray for Doug as he preaches twice a month.
  • Pray for the college outreach that is held by a Japanese pastor. Pray for us as we assist him.
  • We will be attending the Taihei Chapel FWB church and Salt of the Earth FWB church once a month as a simple way for them to invite people who may be interested in English to church. Please pray that this will provide good connections for the church.
  • Pray for the Lord to work through ETEAM and through our college Summer Overseas Apprentice program.
  • Praise that Oliver’s arm is healing well.

David and Angie Outlaw

  • Pray for our partners in Central Asia as they labor daily to share the gospel in a predominantly Muslim environment.
  • Pray for safety of travel, crossing of borders, and the granting of permissions that are needed in working in various countries.
  • Pray for our international students in KZ, CUBA, RUSSIA, Tajikistan, and South Korea, as they each have their own ministries planting churches, reaching the unreached and offering the hope of the gospel hundreds of towns and villages.
  • Praising God  for the 3 New Playgrounds to be a part of building HOPE in Central Asia’s unreached communities!
  • Pray for our MINISTRY ACCOUNT! Pray that God will move on the hearts of people to give to the work of the ministry! We need $2500 in new pledges by December 31!
  • Pray for the Outlaw kids – Carson, Tori, Conner, Schaeffer, and Libby that God will continue to use their cross cultural experiences to prepare them for the role He has for them in the Great Commission.

Daniel Speer

  • Pray for Audrey as she continues on at school.
  • Pray that we will soon be able to get into a good routine for ministry.
  • Pray that we will all remain healthy in the weeks to come.

Dennis and Carol Teague

updated August 15, 2017

  • As we return to France ask God to give us safe travels.
  • Pray for the spiritual growth and maturity of the members of the St Sebastien Church. Ask God to give them love for one another that others will know they are Christians by their love.
  • Pray that God will give wisdom and direction as we begin a new ministry to youth and young adults in France. Pray that He will prepare the hearts of those young people with whom we will come in contact.

Edward and Amanda Simmons



  • PRAISE THE LORD: We have had 22 people get saved in the first 3 months of 2019. No baptisms yet due to lack of water in the local river.
  • For life-giving rain. The local river is dry and the people are having to leave with their animals in search of water and grass. 
  • For our 4 boys and their families that we are missing. Second grand-baby coming in August.
  • For growth in the lives of the new followers of Yesu
  • Against spiritual darkness – witch-doctors, non-biblical traditions
  • For leaders to gain confidence in sharing w/ others
  • For men to surrender to discipleship and become leaders of worship/discipleship groups. The need is great. We could start 10 worship gatherings tomorrow if we had men. 
  • For the women in Victoria’s Community Health Evangelism classes. That they will share the biblical and medical information that they are learning. 
  • For Eddy’s health. He has had a few medical challenges already in 2019. For full restoration of health and strength.

    The joy of baptism.

    Mama Lilibo, on of our first converts and baptisms. The wife of the local chief. She loves to tell others about Yesu (Jesus)!

    Mama Lilibo, on of our first converts and baptisms. The wife of the local chief. She loves to tell others about Yesu (Jesus)!

Heath and Joni Hubbard

  • Pray for us as we continue the work of the new church plant, Hope Alive Church, in the Tokyo area. Pray that we would see people come to Christ and lives changed and that Christ would be glorified in our work here.
  • Pray for the one-on-one Bible studies we are doing with some non-believers and one on one discipleship studies we are doing with new Christians.
  • Pray for the outreach ministries of Hope Alive Church to bring more people the opportunity to hear the Gospel.
  • Pray for a continued ability to speak Japanese
  • Pray for Eli, Micah, and Emma as they are in kindergarten and elementary school that they can learn and thrive in a different culture and that they can make good friends and understand Japanese. Pray also that we can be an effective witness to the other parents at their schools and for their growth as believers in Christ.


Jeff and Susana Turnbough

  1. Please pray for the TEN ITA training events planned for 2019:
    1. Kenya – March
    2. Philippines – May
    3. Argentina (Spanish) – June
    4. Australia – June
    5. Australia (Mandarin) – July
    6. Côte d’Ivoire (French) – August
    7. Bulgaria – October
    8. Nepal – October
    9. Cambodia – November
    10. UAE – December
  2. Pray for the NEW INITIATIVES in 2019:
    1. New Trainer Launch Experience, a new virtual training course.
    2. The first time ever pilot training event in Mandarin Chinese
    3. Incorporating professional leader coaching into our programs
  3. Funding for ITA – see the 2019 budget here.
  4. Funding for Jeff & Susana – support here.
  5. Pray for ITA.

Jerry and Barbara Gibbs

  • Pray for the Gibbs children and grandchildren. Marc and his family, reside in the Saint Louis area; Joël and his family in Nashville, Ryan and his family who live in also in Nashville.
  • Pray that God will grant Jerry and Barbara wisdom as they lead the church through the pastoral transition from missionary pastor to French pastor.
  • Pray for the church as they seek to win the lost in St. Nazaire and the surrounding area.
  • Pray for the pastoral team of the Saint Nazaire church, Bruno and Sylvain, that God will give them wisdom and protect them and their families.
  • Pray that God will guide, protect, and bless Bruno, the interim pastor of the Saint Nazaire church, and his family.

Jaimie and Tammy Lancaster

  • Pray for our various outreaches in the community that they will be fruitful.
  • Pray for the family of Yosvanys Quiñones as they make preparations to move to Uruguay.
  • Pray for unity among the national church and leaders.
  • Pray for Steve Torrison and Lori Torrison during Stateside Assignment. Specifically pray that their financial needs will be met.
  • Pray for “faithful” people to step forward into leadership positions.

Jonathan and Amy Postlewaite

  • Pray that in our own personal lives we would be fervently devoted to growing in God’s word and to prayer for what He is doing here in Bulgaria.
  • Pray for our family to see steady progress in our language study.
  • Pray for several formal and informal English teaching opportunities we are pursuing as a means of outreach.
  • Pray that God would connect us to people in Pleven who are waiting to hear about him—including many members of society who are often neglected
  • As we “lay foundations” for a new church, pray that God would give us wisdom regarding which steps we would take, the timing in which things should take place, and which opportunities for outreach we should pursue.
  • Pray for growth in our relationships with people in our community and for opportunities to share love and truth in these relationships.

Josh and Lydia Provow

Updated April 30, 2019

Praise God for the two Bible study groups we have at the moment.  Please pray that these groups would grow, that we would be able to start a third group, and that the members of both groups would be active in our Sunday worship gatherings.

Praise God for the villages which allowed us to come and do Easter outreaches.  Pray that this continuing relationship would help us to be ongoing Bible studies in the future.

Praise God that the main phase of our building renovation is complete.  While work still continues, we were able to hold our first Sunday service on April 28.

Please pray for us as we are learning the Turkish language.

Praise God we were granted another year of residency in Bulgaria.  Our residency is currently good until August 30th, 2019.

Please pray for two short-term teams we have coming this summer.  At the end of June, a THP team is coming from Ozark, MO.  At the end of August, a team is coming from Greensburg, Pennsylvania and Lebanon, MO.  Both of these teams will be doing service projects and outreaches in villages near Shumen.  Please pray for the people who make up these teams- that God would bless them immensely for their sacrifice, meet their financial need, and prepare their hearts for their time here.  Please pray that God would give us wisdom in picking the right villages for these teams and that there would be new Bible studies started as a result of their ministry.

Please pray for your church-planting team in Bulgaria.  Trif and Vanya Trifonov have started a new church in the city of Varna.  Jonathan and Amy Postlewaite are working to start a new church in the city of Pleven.  And Tim and Lydia Awtrey, who are leading the church in Svishtov.

Most importantly, please pray that the Holy Spirit would do a mighty work in the nation of Bulgaria.  Among the Turks only 1/10,000 know Jesus.  Please pray that the Lord would go before us, softening hard hearts so that they will be eager to hear the good news of salvation.

Joel and Lydie Teague

  • Pray for our discussion groups as we talk about God with young adults. That they may see the truth and understand the Gospel.
  • Pray for the JPense evangelism events and discussion groups, that they will bring much fruit.
  • Please pray for our impact project. We are in need of donations to support our new ministry. We need to get equipped to be able to have services and outreach events more often. Pray that we will meet our financial need so we will have the resources to carry out our ministry among the young adults. You can give online here : https://fwbgo.com/give/ under Impact JPense and you can send in checks to the FWBIM (memo: Impact JPense).
  • Pray for the new converts through our ministry that they will stand strong and be witnesses to their friends and families

Kenneth and Judy Bailey

*April 2019: We were blessed to have twenty two Mommy and Me Class families attend our KCC Easter Outreach parties last week! Join with us in praying for their salvation. Our five Kids’ Club students, three junior high and two high school kids, continue to attend Sunday afternoon English and Bible time. All have been members since 2009 and it’s a joy to work with them each week! Pray for the three young brothers’ salvation and for their parents. Pray for each of these kids as they face enormous pressures in their daily lives. Please continue to pray for the 5 unsaved senior citizens we share Bible studies with: Mr. “A” at KCC and Judy’s four Iriso Church Women’s English and Bible Class members. Pray for our April 21st Easter Worship. Pray for more opportunities to share the Gospel!

*January 2019: Several blessings and prayer needs for our ministries at Kamifukuoka Christ Church and Iriso Christ Church. We praise God that we were able to move back into our church neighborhood a few months ago when our previous rent contract expired. We have rekindled several relationships with people we knew previously and have been blessed to see some of them attend services at KCC. However, due to the moving expenses, our mission account balance has been dropping and we are now very close to a deficit level. Please pray that this need will be met for us to remain here to follow God’s leading.

We were very blessed to have around thirty nonbelievers attend our three Christmas Outreach meetings: two Mommy and Me Class parties and our annual KCC Family Christmas. Pray that through the messages shared, along with Christian books and tracts that were given, the Holy Spirit will speak to hearts and we may see MANY come to know HIM in 2019!”

We have requested prayer for salvation for several years regarding Mr. “N” #1, Mr. “N” #2 and Mr. “A”.  Mr. “N” #1 is now rejoicing in Heaven after accepting Christ last Fall; Mr. “A” continues to attend weekly Bible studies, and both he and Mr. “N” #2 attended our KCC Family Christmas. Pray that through the heartfelt message that was given by our son-in-law, Dr. Jeremy Delamarter, they may allow the Spirit to work in their hearts!

Please continue to pray for the Iriso Christ Church Women’s English and Bible class. This is Judy’s 31st year of teaching these women, now all in their seventies, and we pray that these many, many years of opening and sharing the Word will have an eternal impact on their lives!

*July 2018: PRAISING GOD for the salvation of Mr. “N” #1, a dear friend in his eighties, who accepted Christ this week! Prayers for his salvation have been lifted for close to thirty years, and we now rejoice that he is a Christ-follower! Please pray for his recovery from recent cancer surgery. Also please continue to pray for our two weekly Mommy and Me Classes, where we work with twenty unsaved moms and their toddlers in our church outreach ministries to families in our neighborhood. Please continue to pray for Mr. “A” and Mr. “N” #2’s salvation.





Keren Delgado

Praise be to God!

  • I had a great week in Missouri last week and God gave me safety while traveling and strenght.
  • He is continuing opening door through giving me braveness and boldness when I need it.

Pray for safety while I am traveling to fundraise.

Pray that God may continue helping me as I start fundraising and building relationships with new partners and future supporters to work together in God’s kingdom.

Pray and consider if God is calling you to support me financially so that together we can bring the gospel to the Bulgarian people.

Pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit as He leads me through this new stage of life.

Pray that God may help me as I start learning some Bulgarian on my own.

Thank you for praying for the Bulgarian people and I. Thank you for bringing to God these requests with a heart surrendered to God’s will.

Kenneth and Rejane Eagleton

  • Pray for the leadership of the churches in Brazil, that there would be unity and a resolve to work together. Great strides have already been made in the past year.
  • Pray for the seminary (Bible Institute) as we continue training leaders for the local churches in Brazil.
  • Pray for Clóvis and Cristina Leandro of the Nova América FWB Church in Campinas who are serving as church planters in Boa Esperança, state of Alagoas, Brazil. They work in a town with no other evangelical Christian presence and minister to a very poor population. There are no other FWB churches in this part of the country. During the first few months of 2019 they have seen several people come to Christ.
  • Pray for the FWB hospital in Doropo, Côte d’Ivoire, Africa. They just recently receive a FWB doctor (Dr. Katiuska) from Cuba. Her husband is a pastor and will be working as a missionary there. Pray for them as they learn French and adapt to a new culture.
  • Pray for the church-planting project in Ghana being led by Pastor Thomas Appiah under the supervision of the mission’s committee in Ivory Coast. IM partner’s with our African brothers in this project.
  • Pray for pastor Yosvanys, his wife Anita, and their two children, from Cuba, as they revitalize a church in Montevideo, Uruguay. The church is already experiencing some growth and they are trying to reach out to the community and help to reduce the violence in the neighborhood.
  • Pray for the Seminary in Panama as they seek accreditation from the Panamanian government. It is a long process.
  • India is a country of 1.3 billion people. There are still 715 people groups (ethnic groups) that have not been engaged with the preaching of the gospel. Pray that the Lord would help us to increase our “footprint” in the country. We are already partnering with two networks of Indian churches that are working among unreached peoples.
  • As we partner with Bible Mission in Central Asia, pray that the efforts of the local workers in reaching the unreached will be fruitful. Pray also for the training of local pastors.
  • Pray for the seminary that we partner with in Russia as they train pastors for a growing number of churches. In an area that I visited, they have seen an increase from 8 to 50 churches in a little over 30 years.

Updated Apr. 23, 2019

Lazaro and Ariadna Riesgo

February 2018


Panama (March 2-23)

  • Ariadna and I will be flying to Panama to teach at the FWB Bible Institute (located in Chame).
  • We plan to remain there for three weeks.
  • Ariadna will be teaching level 1 of CEF.
  • Lazaro will be teaching Apologetic.

We also plan to visit and share in different churches during the weekends

Please pray for our investment among Panamanians and for the new school year at the FWB Bible Institute.

Thanks for your willigness to support our ministry. We appreciate your prayers!


Myriam Le Louarn

  • Pray for contacts in France, for me to rebuild relationship, and have new one. For the Holy Spirit to open the heart of the French people and to guide me when I speak with them.
  • Pray for a discussion group to start, I would like to start a discussion group, pray that God send the right people in this Group.
  • Pray our Team, Dennis and Carol Teague, Lydie and Joel Teague and David Reeves.
  • Pray for my friends and family member that Do no know God yet.
  • Pray for me to have wisdom in my ministry, and that I will obey the voice of the Holy Spirit.


“Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.” John 14:13-14

Thank you so much for you support in Prayer, It is a precious gift to have so many lifting me up in pray. May God Bless you and keep and using you all for His Kingdom.

Myriam (Mimi) Le Louan

Matt and Cristina Price

Updated 11/7/18

  1.  Praise the Lord that we have met all of our fundraising goals.  That means that we can return to France in January.
  2. We will be looking for a house in St. Nazaire upon our arrival.  A missionary house is such a ministry tool.  Pray that we can find a house that will allow us to host new friends and neighbors.
  3. Pray for our daughters as we transition to France.  They have lost a good bit of their French.  Pray that it will return quickly.
  4. Pray for our families here as we say our goodbyes.

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Neil and Mandi Morgan

  • The Morgans are working in the Esperanza church in Alcalá de Henares. The church is growing. Praise the Lord for the growth and pray for the continued growth of the church.
  • Pray for a new location and larger facility for the church.
  • Pray for the growth of our children’s ministry.
  • Pray for the English classes that the Morgans teach at the University of Alcalá.
  • We are planning an Easter event in our community. Please be in prayer for this opportunity to build relationships.
  • We are preparing for a women’s event on April 27. Pray for the event and for many unsaved to attend.


Updated 5/16/18

Nathan and Linda Snow

  • We are currently working in Eastern Hokkaido. Our children attend Japanese schools in the area. Linda teaches English part time at two elementary schools. Pray for our children, and pray that they will be lights in these schools.
  • To my knowledge, none of the approximately 20 English students that are in our outreach classes taught at the Abashiri church are Christian. We are teaching four classes there: kindergarten, two elementary and one adult class. Many mothers also attend the childrens’ classes. Most have never heard the gospel story. These are classes that have only started recently. Pray that through these many would come to know Christ.
  • We are prayerfully looking at the many cities and towns around Abashiri and Bihoro that do not have any gospel preaching church (of any kind). Pray for God’s direction as we seek to reach these new areas.
  • Pray God will supply the financial needs of the Snows. Japan is an extremely expensive country in which to minister

Robert Bryan

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Pray for Michelle Chereau, a woman in the church, as she begins the new convert studies with Hillel.   Hillel’s  baptism has been scheduled for February 11.

The Young Families Group met Monday night. There were 9 there and we had a good lesson and time of discussion.  We will be meeting next month to finish the lesson that Robert started.  Continue to pray for these young couples as they  have a desire to serve God.

This Saturday night, January 27, is Soirée JPense. Please pray for the preparation of the event. Pray also that many non-believers will attend and have open minds and hearts. We also welcome a new member to our mission team, Joel and Lydie Teague, announced the birth of their son Derek Joel. We are thankful for a healthy baby.

Starting Sunday, February 18, Robert will be preaching a three-week study on the objectives/purposes of the church to challenge the people to commit themselves to full participation in the ministry.

The two weekends of March 18 and 25, Dr. Doug Randlett, from Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA, will be teaching on leadership. We hope to have between 40 and 60 participants from the various churches. This is a major event to prepare the leaders in the St Sébastien church as they assume the responsibility of leading the congregation.

Please pray especially for these two training times. Pray that the people will accept their responsibility and get involved in the ministry of the church. And pray especially for the leaders that they will recognize both the gravity and the joy of being a leader of God’s people.

And please pray for Dennis Teague and Robert as they plan for those two weekends in March. They have an enormous amount of work to do to get ready — and we have only eight weeks to do it in!

They plan to send out invitations for the March training this week. Pray that the invitees will recognize the importance of the training and will be willing to sacrifice their plans for those two weekends.

On February 25, we’ll hold the annual church business meeting. Pray that we can get everything prepared and that this meeting will serve as the launching of renewed enthusiasm and commitment to the church.

It is exciting to see what the Lord is doing, yes, and sometimes more than a little stressful, too. Thank you for helping us as we seek to serve.

For the Kingdom,



Rusty & Brenda Carney

  • Praise the Lord we have received the green light to return to Japan!!! The cash that was build up in our account was enough to make up the difference of the monthly funds that we were still lacking, so we are approved for at least a 3 year term.
  • Thank the Lord for all of those who participated in the World Mission Offering (WMO) on April 28th! If you wanted to participate, but forgot, the mission will still receive gifts designated to the WMO up until the end of the year.
  • Thank the Lord for our safety on the road, and pray for safety of travel as we depart for Japan on June 8th!
  • Pray the Lord would provide the right house for us in Japan–near a train station preferably.
  • Pray for our children especially as they tell their friends and family here goodbye, and transition to new schools and a new life in Japan.

Updated May 13, 2019

Shannon Little

  • Praise the Lord that I arrived safely in Japan and have started the process of re-acclimating to life in Japan
  • Ask God that I will continue to grow closer to God.
  • Pray that my relationships with Mrs. H and Mrs. Y continue to grow strong and that I am able to share the gospel with them clearly.
  • Pray for my Mom as I leave her for the first time without the support of my Dad.
  • Pray for the missionaries in Japan as they are experiencing a lot of transition.

Updated 8/23/17

Steve and Becky Riggs

* Pray for the spiritual and numerical growth of the church in Châteaubriant.  Presently meeting in a small rented room in the center of town the group desires to see others come to know Christ.

* Pray for our upcoming Christmas program to be held on December 8th.  A number of family and friends have already pledged to come and we are praying they will hear the real meaning of Christ’s coming to earth.

* Pray for our personal encouragement in this new work.  Developing a work in a smaller, rural setting has it’s challenges for this “city” couple from Detroit!

* Pray for our pesonal witness to many friends the Lord has brought into our lives that they may see the love of Christ in us.

* Pray for our children:  Daniel, his wife Gwenäelle (both school teachers in France) and daugher Bleuenn;  Brian, working as a language interpreter; Laura & Johanna, both students at Welch College in Nashville.

* Pray for the financial needs of all our missionary family.  We need your prayers & support!



Steve & Lori Torrison

January 2019

  • We are currently on stateside assignment.  Pray that we would be able to raise our needed funds in time to return to Uruguay in early 2019.
  • Pray for men to step out in faith and answer the call to be a pastor.  Three of our five FWB churches in Uruguay are without a Uruguayan pastor.
  • Pray for the people of Uruguay to see that Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Only 6% of the country claim to be Christian.


Cuban couple Yosvany and Anita and their children arrived in Montevideo in late November!

Tim and Lydia Awtrey

  • Pray for our upcoming VBS and Children’s camp.  Pray that young people and their parents would surrender their lives to Jesus!
  • Please pray that God would grant us faithful people to serve Him wholeheartedly. We have several individuals and couples who expressed interest in the gospel and who started to attend church, but quickly give up because of pressure from friends and relatives.
  • Praise God for new Bulgaria team members who have recently been approved by the IM board!  Pray that they can quickly receive the financial support they need in order to come quickly and help us in Bulgaria.
  • Leadership – Please pray that God will raise up a faithful person to pastor the New Life Church in Svishtov and evangelists who will start new churches throughout northern Bulgaria.
  • Praise God that we have many people attending our Thursday night English classes.  Please pray that we can make a breakthrough with the relationships we have made through these classes.  Pray that those who attend the English classes will also come to know Jesus.
  • Thank God for our student intern Brittany Gilbarte.  Pray that God will increase her knowledge of Bulgarian and protect her while she serves the young people in Svishtov.
  • Pray that God would send more missionaries and raise up Bulgarians to serve in the church.
  • Please pray for continued maturity and faithfulness as many are new believers.
  • Pray for the economic situation in Svishtov.  Due to a lack of jobs many people are leaving town to find work elsewhere.  We have already had several families leave the church because they are going elsewhere for employment.
  • Pray that we can make a breakthrough with reaching out to men in the community. Many women are attending church, but their husbands do not.  Pray that we can find a way to reach out to me in Svishtov.
  • There are several individuals and families that want to attend church, but because of pressure from relatives they have stopped attending.  Pray that God would give them the courage to choose Jesus over the opinions of family members.
  • Ask God to prepare the spiritual soil of the hearts of people in Svishtov. Pray words of hope and forgiveness will ring true.

updated June 3, 2019

Tim and Kristi Johnson

  • Pray God will call more workers to Spain.
  • Pray for the Alpedrete church as they prepare for their Christmas musical outreach event.
  • Pray for the Johnsons on stateside assignment until January, 2019.
  • Pray for the new church plant that will be taking place in the near future.

(Updated October, 2018)

Tyler and Kellie Penn

* Pray for the starting of the Bridge FWB Church here in Champaign, Il.  Pray that God would bring partners in gospel along side to help get the church established.

* Pray for the start of the new spring semester that we will meet students that will become interested in our sharing of the gospel

* Pray for our ability to connect in with other people and inform, engage, and encourage them to get involved with international students in their local colleges.

*Pray for Easter services this year.  The Bridge FWB Church will have its first Easter service and also for Easter with English Corner students.




Trif and Vanya Trifonov

We praise God for:
+ The well-attended Palm Sunday and Easter worship services and for the new people who came after our evangelistic events prior to that.
+ Professor Todor Velchev’s pre-evangelistic Lecture on Fate and the couple who came and said they would like to come again.
+ the fruitful and encouraging Bulgaria IM team meeting at the Provow’s new home and church; we heard a very good teaching by pastor Grozdan & Slavica Stoevski on Eastern Orthodox Beliefs and Practice, as well as on the topic of Working Through NGO’s in Bulgaria.
+ The decision of the Board regarding our Grant Request to grant money towards building a FWB Outreach Center in Varna.
+ Brenton and Deborah, as well as Keren Delgado who were approved by the IM Board as missionaries to Bulgaria!Please, pray for:

– Good attendance of the Effective Evangelism training and evangelistic lecture by Ulrich Hees (an evangelist from Germany).
– the picnic we want to do next week where to invite our non-believing friends.
– us to be able to meet our fundraising goal soon as we have already been offered a couple of premises to purchase for the future FWB Outreach Center in Varna.
– our preparation for the upcoming trip to the US where we are going to visit a few churches in Missouri, Pocahontas AR and Nashville.
– our daughter Deborah’s preparation for her wedding to Brenton Driscoll on July 12!

Victoria Little

Updated 6-21-2017

  • Pray for safety in traveling and God to be glorified as I share what He is doing in Kenya
  • Pray God will give me wisdom in handling each medical need that arises
  • Praise the Lord that the well drilling has hit an abundance of water! Pray the water will be pure and salt-free
  • Pray for Eddy and Amanda as they train Samburu men and women to learn Bible stories so they can teach others
  • Pray many more Samburu will come to know Christ and grow in their faith