July 7, 2021


  • Keren Delgado – Praise the Lord!  A couple of weeks ago I asked one of my university Bulgarian teachers if she would like to be my private tutor. She is a great teacher and my favorite of all the language teachers that I have had. It took a while for her to respond but then she said yes! Also, I went with her for a walk and she asked me about my church, and the Lord gave me the opportunity to start planting seeds of the gospel in her heart. Praise Him, because He has provided for me a great language teacher, plus opportunities to witness and share the Good News!
  • Brenton & Debbie Driscoll – Pray for several children from our churches in Bulgaria who will be attending summer Bible camp in the upcoming week. May our Father work in their hearts and speak clearly to them as they learn more about Him and His world.
  • Trif & Vanya Trifonov – Please pray for healing for a lady from our church who was diagnosed with cancer. As she is starting treatment, pray that the tumor shrinks and disappears. Also, pray for our daughter Monika as she takes her last two college state exams. Thank you!


  • Adam & Carol Duncan – Pray for Carol’s dad as he is being evaluated for recurrent strokes and/or seizures. Praise: Adam’s mother is healing well after her last breast cancer surgery. Continue to remember Carol in the next two weeks as she completes hands-on exams/procedure learning for family nurse practitioner school. Pray for Caleb & Moriah with the many transitions ahead. Pray with us about the sale of our remaining farm/land.

Educational Specialists

  • Jeff & Susana Turnbough (ITA) – Please pray for us as we complete the creation of the second LMC Online Course: Working Together Matters. Pray for the training team preparing for the third Relationship Matters Course this year, this time for the Americas, beginning August 3. Pray for God to send the participants of His choosing. We are thankful to have the opportunity to participate in local church activities here in Madrid—the first cookout last Saturday on the church property with 40-50 people present, weekly church services inside the building with new visitors each week, and the opportunity to work with local leaders.


  • Kenneth Eagleton – Several of the fellowships of believers of our partnerships are experiencing persecution, sometimes severe. In recent weeks 2 groups of believers have suffered disruptions by religious fanatics, beatings, and in one instance, were run out of the village. Please pray for courage, boldness of witness, and hope for believers in the face of persecution.


  • Daniel & Shelby Culwell – Pray for our account as we try to stay in Japan until November. Since the borders are still closed to new Visa holders, our teammate Annabelle is unable to enter. It will benefit the ministry in Japan if we can stay until her arrival.
  • Nathan & Linda Snow – We are thankful to have been able to host an outdoor cookout and campfire gathering with 4 families. While it was informal, scripture was shared via music around the campfire after introducing the custom of S’mores. Please continue to pray for these families, and for the regular sowing of gospel seeds to take root in hearts.


  • Eddy & Amanda Simmons – Please pray for Amanda as she prepares to restart our medical clinic next Monday. She is busy organizing medicines and brushing up on her bush medicine skills. Please pray for our satellite internet service to get sorted out. We need the service to help Amanda research medical issues that come up during the clinic. Our provider has not been very helpful and prices have increased 40%.  Pray that we find a solution to our solar power issues. We were able to get our system running again, but our batteries may need to be replaced. The heat kills batteries in Kenya, which are expensive to replace and hard to deliver due to the weight – 5 batteries, 500-600 pounds.  Please pray for rain. It is very dry and hot here.  Praise God that the local worship gatherings (baby churches) in our area have fared well during our extensive absence. We are grateful for faithful local Samburu leaders.  Pray as we have a Samburu team meeting this Thursday to re-cast the vision and plan the next steps to move the churches towards self-sustainability.


  • Anthony & Lea Edgmon – Pray for renewed commitment and refreshed spirits among believers in Alpedrete as the church moves toward more activity and seeks more involvement from believers.  We’ve been having a reduced capacity in the building for several months, gradually increasing. Recently, a few believers have returned to the church building for the first time in 16 months!

Mission Family

  • Please pray for our missionaries as they continue to seek prayer and financial support.
  • Jerry and Carol Pinkerton are thankful for prayers on Jerry’s behalf after his recent fall. His latest X-rays showed he will not need surgery on his neck.
  • Please prayerfully petition the Father for the Provow family, missionaries to Bulgaria, who are navigating a family crisis.
  • Pray for former missionaries struggling with a variety of health problems: Bobby and Sue Aycock (Brazil), Florine Coscia (Brazil), Ledgel and Sharon Ferguson (Ivory Coast and France), Glenda Fulcher (Uruguay and Panama), Mirial Gainer (Japan), Jan Banks (Japan), Joe and Barb Haas (France), Sherwood and Vada Lee (Ivory Coast), Lloyd Plunkett (Côte d’Ivoire), Amy Robinson (Uruguay), Tom Willey, Jr. (Cuba & Panama), Don Robirds (Brazil, IM office), and Brother Carlisle Hanna (India).
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