Deborah St. Lawrence

Taipan, the oldest son of the local Samburu chief, surrendered his life to Yesu (Jesus) in 2016.

In January of this year, during a time of severe drought, Taipan took his family’s cows in search of grass,  salt, and water. He planned to be away for up to 11 months, if necessary. He was embarking on a hard, dangerous, lonely nomadic life like many other young Samburu men.

Unlike many other young warriors, Taipan wore a plastic pouch around his neck. It housed a solar MP3 player filled with God’s Word, Bible stories, and Samburu worship songs. The Lord and His Word journeyed with Taipan.

While away with the cows, he gathered a group of young men every night and listened to God’s Word with them. Not only did he take God’s Word with him, he shared it!

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