Mission Statement

“IM labors with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.” Our mission statement drives everything we do. It has been the focal point of our efforts from the first missionary sent out in 1935 to those sent today. This mission statement is not limited by location, ethnicity, race, language, or any other criteria. The gospel is for all people.

Major Tasks

Six major tasks flow from our mission statement and guide every missionary and every ministry. These objectives are:

  • 1Minister

    Minister to people in need by helping to alleviate suffering through spiritual, social, economic, and physical change. We must demonstrate God’s love for all people through our actions.

  • 2Share the Gospel

    Share a message of compassion and hope. The Gospel is shared with those with whom we build relationships.

  • 3Disciple

    Disciple new believers. We edify, equip, and encourage new believers to be true followers of Christ.

  • 4Plant Churches

    Plant churches and equip believers among some of the most resistant and least-reached peoples of the world. Our missionaries are ready and willing to go to the hard places to reach the unreached.

  • 5Train Leaders

    Train leaders who train others. Without strong biblical leadership, works cannot grow and are not sustainable.

  • 6Partner with National Churches

    IM partners with national churches in other countries, especially those least reached with the Gospel, to multiply our efforts in accomplishing the five previous tasks. Utilizing locally available resources, national believers, and their knowledge of the culture and language, appropriate strategies are developed to enhance the outreach of the national church. The resulting cooperative projects can take the form of meeting physical needs, discipleship, church planting, leadership training, constructing needed buildings, and so much more.

2025 Goals

The IM leadership team prayerfully set faith-based strategic goals to realize by the year 2025.

Not only did we reach every 2020 goal but we surpassed them and some exceedingly so, by the end of 2019. To God be all glory and praise for this wonderful work He has accomplished through His willing servants (i.e. IM missionaries, national leaders, and lay people).

Below you will see the new 2025 goals and find a summary status for each of the completed 2020 goals (Aug 2020).

  • 1Reach

    IM missionaries: from 103 to 125.

    Non-North American Free Will Baptist attendance: from 35,537 to 50,000.

    Non-North American Free Will Baptist churches: from 845 to 2,000.

  • 2Train

    500 pastors, leaders, laypeople, and youth through GO Global annual training.

    Through short-term mission trips with participants per year from 200-350.

    Through leadership training programs from 8-12.

  • 3Give

    Churches that contribute monthly to missions: from 50% to 75% (from 1,000 to 1,500).

    World Missions Offering from $650,000 to $1 million.

    International churches sending missionaries from 7 to 20.

Looking to the next five years, the leadership team set the following objectives and goals. For these to be realized, the full cooperation and collaboration of Free Will Baptist people everywhere is needed. By December 31, 2025, we want to see the following seven objectives and goals become our new reality.

Clint Morgan
To read more from IM General Director, Clint Morgan, read the October-November 2020 ONE Magazine article.