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Laboring with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

IM is reaching unreached people with the Gospel all around the world through missionaries, partnerships, and ministries.

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Fulfilling the Great Commission through missionaries, partnerships, and ministries.

6 Major Tasks of IM

Six major tasks flow from our mission statement and guide every missionary and every ministry. These objectives are:

1. Minister

Minister to people in need by helping to alleviate suffering through spiritual, social, economic, and physical change. We must demonstrate God’s love for all people through our actions.

2. Share the Gospel

Share a message of compassion and hope. The Gospel is shared with those with whom we build relationships.

3. Disciple

Disciple new believers. We edify, equip, and encourage new believers to be true followers of Christ.

4. Plant Churches

Plant churches and equip believers among some of the most resistant and least-reached peoples of the world. Our missionaries are ready and willing to go to the hard places to reach the unreached.

5. Train Leaders

Train leaders who train others. Without strong biblical leadership, works cannot grow and are not sustainable.

6. Partner with National

IM partners with national churches in other countries, especially those least reached with the Gospel, to multiply our efforts in accomplishing the five previous tasks.

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