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Steve & Lori Torrison


Meet Steve and Lori Torrison, IM Missionaries in Residence at CIT

Steve and Lori Torrison were appointed as career missionaries to Panama in 2004. Following a year of language school in Costa Rica, they moved to Panama in 2006, helping with a new church plant and seminary teaching. In 2014, when the Panamanian work was transferred to national leadership, the Torrisons transferred to Uruguay. They arrived in Uruguay in 2015, working with leadership development, Bible institute classes, and discipleship training.

In 2022, the Torrisons made another transition as they relocated to North Carolina to continue with IM at partner organization CIT (Center for Intercultural Training).  CIT equips people and churches around the world for cross-cultural ministry.

Steve and Lori have 2 daughters, Melanie and Abby, who were both born in Panama but now speak with a Uruguayan accent!

Why CIT?

CIT is a close partner with IM and plays a vital role in training IM missionaries.  This new assignment strengthens the CIT partnership and provides an essential service in training and preparing missionaries for spiritual reliance, adjusting to new languages, cultures, and international communities.

How they are ministering at CIT

How you can pray for the Torrisons

  • Pray for physical and spiritual stamina.
  • Pray for the family as we learn to live in our passport country again for this season.
  • Pray for CIT students to have open hearts and a learners’ spirit.

Steve and Lori Torrison

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