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International Students - USA

Bradley and Madison Mercer


Meet Bradley and Madison Mercer, IM Missionaries to international students at the University of Missouri

Bradley and Madison got married in April (2024) and serve alongside each other in this ministry reaching international students at the University the Missouri. Columbia is a very diverse city with a representation of over 3,700 international students, and most of the diversity comes from China, India, South Korea, and Africa. Partnering with Rejoice Free Will Baptist Church in Columbia, Missouri, they are reaching out to this culturally diverse community, by sharing the love of Christ through relationships.

They shared, “We believe that the best way to love and serve students is to open our lives and homes just as Jesus Christ did in His earthly ministry. It is our heart to disciple internationals, who will in turn become future leaders in their home countries.”

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Why the University of Missouri?

Mizzou ranks in the top 150 schools in the country for international student popularity, where at least 49 different countries are represented. International students make up close to 5% of a student body that has over 31,000 students! This means there are approximately more than 1,300 international students that roll through the campus of Mizzou each year. Bradley shares, “I have seen the desperate need for the gospel firsthand across the ocean, but these internationals are coming to us! We have the unique opportunity to minister to at least 49 different cultures at one time here in the United States, which presents its own advantages.”

49 different countries are represented on the campus!

How they minister to International Students

How you can pray for Bradley and Madison

  • Pray that the Lord would provide the means to be able to connect with International students.
  • Pray that they would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit then the opportunity arises to share the gospel.
  • Pray that international students would see them as people who truly care for them, their well-being, and their spirituality.
  • Pray that the Lord would provide healthy connections and partners to make this ministry effective.
  • Pray that the Lord would help them to remain faithful to the students that He has placed in their way.
  • Pray that the heart of the gospel is heard above all else and that it will begin and remain the foundation of this ministry in Columbia.

Bradley Mercer and Madison Carnes

You can partner with them to reach students in Missouri with the Gospel. Contact and invite them to your church to share their hearts for international students in Missouri. Pray as they raises funds and prayer support.

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