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David and Mimi Reeves


Meet the Reeves, IM Missionaries to France

Hello we are David, Myriam, and Jade Reeves. We are a Franco-Britannico-American family who loves the outdoors and all things nature. We enjoy board games, sports, and just spending time together as a family. We have been serving in France with IM for the past 5 years. Here are some fun facts about our family: Myriam has citizenship in three different countries(France, Great Britain, and the USA). Jade never meets a stranger and has a God-given gift to say “Hi” to exactly the person who needs to hear it the most. David is ambidextrous and proud.

At first glance, France and the U.S. would seem quite similar in how life is like. Healthcare is good, jobs are available, and there are even McDonald’s in many cities now. However, there are some differences as well. France has hands down the best bread you have ever eaten in your life if you don’t believe me plan a trip and see for yourself. If you come to France you have to try the cheese even though it’s a little different than you’re used to.

Also and most importantly, there are still towns in France with zero churches. Think with me for a moment about the number of churches in your city and then compare that with France. Pray with me that God continues to send workers into the harvest and that France would be transformed by the Gospel!

Why France?

France still needs people willing to leave family and country to engage her with the Gospel! It won’t be easy; it will more than likely be very hard. You will miss your family, you will be made fun of and perhaps not taken seriously. But the God who has called us has the power to do far more than we can ask or think. He has called you. He will sustain you. He is with you and for you.

The goal among Christians in France is to have a church for every 10,000 people so that every person in France will at least have access to a local community of believers. We need more teams of church planters to make this vision a reality. If God is calling you don’t hesitate, it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

37 Unreached People Groups in France

The Reeves’ Story for “Why Missions?”

I, David, can remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting in a chapel service at Welch College when veteran missionary Jerry Gibbs would change my view of missions forever.

Since I was a kid I was intrigued by missionaries. My parents would regularly read me biographies of missionaries such as Hudson Taylor, Gladys Alyward, and Jim Elliot. We even had missionaries come to our house and tell us stories of what it was like on the field. So you can say from an early age I was very much fascinated by life as a missionary. However, the day Jerry Gibbs spoke in chapel he spoke about the “Forgotten People” of France. I was shocked; for the longest time, I imagined missions being in areas of the world that are hard to live physically (mud huts, lack of food and water, poor healthcare).

Jerry Gibbs presented me information about a first-world country with exceptional living standards, however, the people are dead spiritually and with very little access to local churches in their area. I began to re-examine why we send missionaries to faraway places. Do we do it because they have physical needs? Yes, we meet physical needs but first and foremost we go to engage the Spiritual need for the Gospel. That is what Jerry Gibbs reminded me of that day. The gospel is for everyone and no people group is forgotten in the eyes of the Savior.

How they are ministering to the people in France

How you can pray for the Reeves

  • Pray for the hearts of the French people to be transformed by the power of the Gospel.
  • Pray for fruitful discipleship and more churches to be planted in France.
  • Pray for new contacts and open hearts for gospel conversations.
  • Pray for Jade and her adjustment to French life and culture.(Pray God will draw her close to Himself)
  • Pray for our family and that God would use us to show his goodness to the people of France.

David and Myriam Reeves

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