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Meet Alejandro and Breanna Johnson, IM Missionaries to France

We are Alejandro and Breanna, and we are so excited to be serving the Lord in the country of France. We met at Welch College and got married in 2021. Alejandro has a BA in Intercultural Studies and Worship Ministry, and Breanna has a BS in Psychology, with a minor in missions. Alejandro grew up in Spain as an MK, and Breanna grew up in Alabama. Alejandro is working on his Master of Divinity at Welch. Alejandro likes to read, and Breanna likes theater.

Why France?

We both knew from a young age that the Lord’s will was for us to serve him in cross-cultural ministry. Alejandro grew up on the mission field in Spain and saw how his parents cared for the lost in that country. Breanna, although she did not grow up going to church regularly in her family, has always had a heart for people. When we started dating, we knew that we would end up on the foreign mission field together and sought the Lord’s will for our lives and relationship.

God led us to the country of France, and we will follow him faithfully wherever he sends us. France has a long history of secularism and atheism. Only 1% of the population is Evangelical Christian, and many people reject religion altogether. Many towns throughout France do not have a single church. France also has the worst mental health in all of Europe, with the second highest suicide rate in the world. There is a spiritual darkness that can only be expelled by the light of Christ.

37 Unreached People Groups in France

How you can pray for the Johnsons

· Please pray with us as we travel across the country to raise our support to leave for the field.

· Pray that the Lord would guide us in knowing his will for our ministry in France.

· Pray for the people of France who are trapped in darkness, that they may see the light of Christ.

· Pray for our teammates who are ministering in a very hard country.

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You can partner with the Johnsons to reach people in France with the Gospel. Contact them to invite them to your church to share their heart for the French people. Pray for them as they raise funds and prayer support.

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