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Adam & Carol Duncan


Fundraising Goal



Approved in December 2019, Adam and Carol Duncan are seeking prayer and financial partners for their two–year internship. The couple will work with IM’s partner Jungle Kids for Christ in Ecuador. Adam, a trained counselor, will provide services for children from challenging backgrounds. Carol, a registered nurse, will supply year-round medical needs.

Born in Jefferson City, Missouri, Adam grew up with Christian influences but a troubled home life. His grandfather, a deacon in a Southern Baptist church, provided a consistent witness, as well as encouraging church attendance and participation. As a result, nine-year-old Adam accepted Christ as Savior. As an adolescent and teen, he immersed himself in ministry activities as he sought to earn God’s favor. When 17, he began attending Sunday evening services and youth group at another Baptist church—the one Carol attended. Over the course of the next year, through the preaching of two pastors, leading a Bible study at school, working with the youth group, etc. God clarified the role of grace in Adam’s mind.

Carol is also a native Missourian, born in Jefferson City, as well. A farm girl, her family was heavily invested in their Southern Baptist church. Saved as an eight-year-old during a revival service, she was baptized a few months later. Carol grew up involved in church activities, hearing and loving missionary stories, and participating in youth group activities. She was a junior in high school when she and Adam began dating.

The high school sweethearts weathered a few storms as they sought God’s guidance for their relationship. They married in July 2000, after Adam had completed one year of college.

Adam graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri, in 2002 with a B.S. in psychology. Carol worked at a center for people with mental disabilities while taking night classes. During that two-year period, they also served as youth leaders at their church. Growing up with a special needs brother, experiencing the death of close relatives and friends, and God’s providence led Carol to seek to enter a nursing program.

The couple ended up packing up their home and moving to Columbia, Missouri. Carol pursued a nursing degree. The young couple worked multiple jobs, church-hopped—trying to find a fit—when they had Sundays off, and pursued training over the next four years. During this time, they found Rejoice Free Will Baptist Church, a mission church begun by former IM missionary to Spain Steve Reeves.

While Adam’s police academy training and employment did not allow regular attendance, Carol found a church home. She began teaching the primary Sunday School class. Eventually, Adam drew a shift that allowed regular church attendance and the Christian community he needed. Working with youth—first as a chaperone, then as full-fledged youth pastor—Adam felt additional training was needed and began courses at Moody Bible Institute. He was ordained as a minister in 2007. Meanwhile, he began teaching at the Law Enforcement Training Institute, initially as an adjunct then full-time and, eventually, becoming assistant director. In 2016, he received his master’s in counseling.

Carol completed her B.S.N. degree in 2006. Caleb was born around the same time. Seeing Caleb on ultrasound, led Carol to volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center while working at a local hospital. Their daughter Moriah was born about a year and a half later. When the kids were preschoolers Carol stayed at home for a short while. Once they were in school, she began substituting for the school nurse, then went on to work in labor and delivery at a local hospital.

Throughout all the changes, the couple worked at Rejoice: in youth ministry; driving vans; leading worship; teaching; landscaping; working on the creative arts team, church website, and media team; counseling; and more. In 2018, they joined a THP team to Ecuador and immediately planned to join the team for 2019. During the 2019 trip, Carol led the medical team and they felt God stir their hearts toward permanent ministry in Ecuador and applied for missionary service.

The Duncans have two children: Caleb and Moriah.

Rejoice FWB Church, Columbia, Missouri

Updated January 14, 2020

Prayer Requests

  • PRAY for the people of the Napo Province.  Prior to the Pandemic, there was rampant poverty, little access to education, high incidents of sexual abuse, frequent parasitic illnesses due to lack of access to clean water,  and the highest rate of alcoholism in Ecuador is among the Napu Runas people. The Pandemic has only increased these disparities.
  • PRAY for our partner organization, Jungle Kids for Christ, as they continue distance learning and minister to the people with the health and economic consequences of COVID-19.
  • PRAY for more prayer and financial partners.
  • PRAY as Carol continues in family nurse practitioner school, the next term begins April 6. This is her final term prior to Clinicals. She will graduate in December.
  • PRAY for Caleb (14) and Moriah (13) that they may continue to grow in their knowledge of Christ and the burden to reach souls for Him. PRAISE the kids are on track to complete their first year of homeschool next month.
  • PRAY as for us as we continue to learn Spanish while stateside to shorten the time in language school. Doing so allows us to get to the field sooner.
  • PRAY for our many transitions, as we move to the St. Louis area this spring.
  • PRAY for God’s perfect timing on our departure to Eastern Ecuador.

  Requests updated April 1, 2021.

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