A Story of Discipleship on the Field

Francis was the poorest of the poor Samburu. A drunkard. His family was starving. So, Francis, his epileptic wife, and their children moved to Sesia, where some extended family lived. He brought his daughter, deaf due to chronic ear infections, to the clinic and told Eddy they were starving.

Eddy hired him to help with the construction of our airstrip, shared the gospel with him, and Francis surrendered to Christ. The Lord restored his daughter’s hearing and healed his wife of epilepsy!   

Eddy began discipling Francis, who had a hunger for learning and sharing the Word of God. His life and the life of his newly-saved wife, rapidly changed as they applied the Word to their lives. Francis began discipling others. He began leading three of our weekly worship gatherings. Last year, he was ordained as the first Free Will Baptist pastor in Kenya! He is constantly seeking men to disciple. He was even elected president of the local school board.

From a despised throwaway in the Samburu culture to a man highly respected in the community—only our Lord can do that miraculous work. Making disciples who make disciples! PRAISE THE LORD! 

By Eddy Simmons in Sesia, Kenya

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