News Release – Continuing the Mission of IM Into the Future

News Release – Continuing the Mission of IM Into the Future

Antioch, Tennessee—On April 29-30, 2024, the IM board met together to celebrate how IM is Embracing the Legacy and Continuing the Mission.

Many missionaries have been a strategic part of IM ministries over the years. Their legacies are instrumental in continuing the mission of IM:

Clint Morgan, General Director, presented the IM board with a retirement letter from Donnie McDonald. Clint stated, “Donnie served 38 years as a missionary and field leader in Japan and two years on special assignment in the States. He also diligently worked with Curt Holland, Director of Field Ministry Personnel, over the past year to process applications and assist with member care. We sincerely appreciate Donnie’s humble service and willing spirit.”
The board also received and approved a statement by Clint Morgan stating that Jerry and Barbara Gibbs are no longer on special assignment and have completed their work with the mission. The Go Global program will still be available to states, associations, and churches that cover all expenses for Jerry and Barbara Gibbs and missionaries who assist in the program. Don Matchett, Director of Development, said, “Jerry and Barbara, the founders of Go Global, embarked on a mission to spread God’s global purpose to churches. Their role as Development Associates has been pivotal in achieving this goal, leaving a profound impact on numerous churches over the years.”
The IM board received and approved a letter of missionary resignation from Dr. Kenneth and Rejane Eagleton from field service in Brazil. Dr. Kenneth Eagleton will continue as the IM Director of Global Partnerships.

The IM board also recognized those who have been crucial to IM’s ministry through their service on our board. Jan Banks has resigned her position on the board because of health issues that keep her from being consistently involved. Mark Price, who has served as the Secretary with meticulous minutes and enthusiasm, will conclude his 13 years of service in July. Darren Walker will replace him as Secretary. Jeff Nichols will continue to serve on the board, but asked to not be considered for the Chairman’s position because of increased work demands. He will be replaced by Rodney Yerby as Chairman and Will Harmon will now serve as Vice-Chairman. Rodney says, “I have enjoyed working alongside these incredible people who have contributed to IM in unique ways.”

The IM Board adopted a 2025 framework budget of $10.6M while acknowledging an ongoing need to fully fund the General Fund. The IM General Fund has experienced sizable shortfalls in the last 12 months. Rob Conley, Director of Financial Operations, says, “We are praying for immediate additional funding, while making ongoing expenditure reduction efforts.”

IMpact Projects were approved for the University of Illinois, Japan, Bulgaria, Ivory Coast, and Pakistan.

David Brown, Director of Free Will Baptist Foundation, presented a check totaling $211,000 to be used for grants for various ministry projects.

Leading IM into the future as we CONTINUE THE MISSION, the board appointed new missionaries to three different fields:

Abby Walker was approved as a career status missionary to Japan, after a successful two-year internship with Hope Alive in Tokyo.
Billy and Sunni Champion from Folkston, Georgia, were appointed as interns to serve in Japan to work alongside missionaries at the Good News Chapel in Tokyo.
Tim and Loren are joining IM as commissioned missionaries, seconded to Here to There. They will continue working with unreached people groups in Los Angeles, California.
Faith, a native of Gallatin, Tennessee, was appointed as a field worker to join the team in southern France. She will marry Jacob on May 4.

Curt Holland, Director of Field Ministry Personnel, stated, “One interesting note about this year’s group is that everyone was part of a short-term experience, rubbing shoulders with those who have given us our legacy, and are now ready to help us continue the mission where they have been called.”

Join us as we thank God for those who pioneered IM’s legacy. CONTINUE THE MISSION of partnering with us by giving generously to the General Fund and sending new missionaries to the harvest fields around the world.

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IM labors with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

May 1, 2024