News Release – Torrisons Shifting to New Roles

IM, Inc. News Release – IM Missionaries Steve and Lori Torrison Shifting to New Roles

November 17, 2021

Steve and Lori Torrison, and their two girls, Melanie and Abby, are packing their bags for their next adventure. Steve and Lori started their missionary career in Panama in 2004 and later served in Uruguay beginning in 2015. They are being reassigned to a new role starting in January of 2022. Steve’s assignment will be as a trainer with the Center for Intercultural Training (CIT). CIT equips people and churches around the world for cross-cultural ministry. The Torrisons’ new location will be in North Carolina.

CIT is a close partner with IM and plays a vital role in training IM Missionaries. The Torrisons will continue being employed by IM, Inc. as their new assignment strengthens the CIT partnership and provides an essential service in training and preparing missionaries for spiritual reliance, adjusting to new languages, cultures, and international communities.

Curt Holland, Director of Field Ministry Personnel, states, “Steve and Lori’s fifteen years plus with IM in different countries and cultures have uniquely qualified and prepared them to train future missionaries at the Center for Intercultural Training.

In addition, Steve will continue his relationship with friends, pastors, and leaders in Uruguay. He will remain as a teacher for the Bible Institute in Uruguay via Zoom.

Steve and Lori commented, “This opportunity, not surprisingly, has come at the perfect moment for our family. As our girls entered junior high, we discovered that the only schools in Uruguay to offer a US equivalent diploma are now prohibitively expensive.

Since the Torrisons are still an important part of the IM, Inc. family, nothing will change concerning their missionary account and funding. We prayerfully ask that you continue your financial and prayer support for Steve and Lori’s ministry as they embark on this new adventure.

Please hold our family up in prayer as we navigate this move! If we have not told you lately, we are grateful for you, our financial partners, and literally could not do this without you.

Steve Torrison