Overcoming Barriers to Fulfill the Call (Debbie Griffin)

Overcoming Barriers to Fulfill the Call

Hear from IM missionaries as they share their stories about the variety of ways they have each overcome different barriers to fulfill their call to the mission field. How is God calling you to take the Gospel to the nations or to those around you?

Debbie Griffin shares the story of her call to missions as a single. Through her love for reading as a kid and later, as a young adult in college, she felt pulled towards missions. Read her journey as she shares the barriers she overcame answering the call to go.

As a kid, I loved to read. I have traveled to many exciting places through the pages of a book. Biographies were a favorite because the stories were real events happening to real people. Missionary biographies were the stuff dreams are made of with real people traveling to exciting places to share the love of God with people who have never heard. Even as a child I was struck by how unfair it is that there are people who have never heard of God’s love and I had a deep admiration for those who go to tell them.

As a Bible College student, I was excited to attend the missionary prayer band where I eagerly learned of our missionaries and joined in prayer for them.  As I learned more about those who have never heard, I began to pray earnestly that God would send someone to tell them.  And it wasn’t long before I started to feel that quiet voice inside saying, “What about you?”

Well, no, obviously not me! I mean, it’s one thing to read about it and to dream about it, but another thing entirely to actually do it. I couldn’t believe that it could be God’s plan for me. I was full of doubts and fears. But the biggest one of all—I’m single!

For months I struggled against it. I refused to pray that prayer anymore.  In fact, I tried to not speak to God at all. But there was an ongoing quarrel in my spirit. I couldn’t escape from that quiet voice. No argument that I raised could squelch it. Finally, I relented and said, “Okay, Father, if you are SURE that you want me, then I will go. But I can’t go alone.” The answer that I felt in my spirit was very clear. I would not be alone.

The promise of His presence with me has quietened my fears over many miles traveled alone and allowed me peaceful sleep in many an unfamiliar places.

He has provided people to walk with me through every stage of my journey. Fundraising is often difficult for single women. But Georgia Promotional Secretary, Herbert Waid, took a young, frightened Debbie under his wing. He scheduled my services, drove me to them, and made the appeal for support. I only needed to share my testimony. His help in those early days built a strong support base that sustained me through 25 years of ministry.

Have there been lonely days? Of course! I said a tearful goodbye to my family when I boarded the plane alone, but I stepped off the plane into the warm embrace of a team of missionaries who quickly became my family. We have worked and played, laughed and cried, and lived life together. They have changed flat tires and shoveled snow from my roof. They have let me rock their babies, share many a meal at their table, and tag along on family vacations. They have seen me at my worst and have loved me anyway. I’m single but I’m not alone.

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