Togo Pastors’ Conference 2023 Trip Recap

Togo Pastors’ Conference 2023 Trip Recap

By Matt Price

As with many third-world countries, the prosperity gospel has taken root in many churches across Africa, Togo included. About a year ago, the St. Nazaire FWB Church in France was asked if it could provide training to help pastors return to the fundamentals of preaching and teaching the Word.

From October 24th through October 27th, 24 pastors and church leaders gathered in Notsé, Togo for four days of training and encouragement. Free Will Baptist missionaries Kenneth Eagleton, Matt Price, and Dennis Teague along with Free Will Baptist leaders from the Ivory Coast, Paul Amiezi and Samuel Ouattara, led an intense training week focused on “Servant Leadership.”  Subjects taught included “My Identity in Christ,” “Biblical Interpretation,” and “Resolving Conflict” along with many other subjects.

Many of the attendees had very little training before becoming pastors. They have copied what other pastors have done, often not knowing the reasons why. One attendee said that he had prayed for five years for something to be put in place so that he would know how to better serve his church and community. Another pastor said that the training would change his philosophy of ministry completely. One young attendee stated that the seminar was worth more than gold to him.

We are so thankful that God has given this opportunity to Free Will Baptists to make an impact in the country of Togo. We thank each church and individual who financially gave so that this seminar could take place. Plans are already in motion to have a second seminar in October 2024. If you would like to partner with this new opportunity, you can give through the IMpact Togo Ministry Fund.

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