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IMpact Cuba House Church Project


Since the Revolution, churches in Cuba are no longer allowed to build church buildings. In recent years the government permits churches to buy houses, so they are currently using the strategy of buying houses and remodeling them for places of worship and housing their pastor. In 2015, a formal partnership agreement was drawn up between the National Association of FWB Churches in Cuba and IM. IM partners with the Cuban church, helping them buy houses in places a new church is being planted so they have a place to meet. Fourteen of the 15 provinces in Cuba have at least one FWB church.

Building churches gives congregations the opportunity to disciple, evangelize, train leaders, fellowship.. bringing more and more people to a relationship Jesus, this is the ultimate goal of IM.

This IMpact project raises funds to help the Cuban Association to acquire houses for their growing network of house churches. The average cost is $10,000 per house and at least 20 houses are currently needed! Investing in a project like this takes time and many faithful givers. Our Cuban congregations need your help.

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