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IMpact France Discipleship & Training Program


We need a program that all of our existing churches can use as well as the ones to be started in the future. With this program, we want to create a program for our FWB works that go from studies for a new believer through training as a worker in a local church.

The purpose of this project is to begin a process of developing our own materials using our own theological works. This has to include the translation of and printing of materials as well as the writing and development of new materials.

Our existing French FWB publishing house, Edition Connect, will be used as a means of preparing our own materials in French. These works are in English and will have to be translated. This will include studies, books, and hopefully one day even our own FWB commentaries. Edition Connect has recently entered into contracts with Randall House for certain materials and books. Some of those are already in the process of being translated and others are waiting in line.

At the same time we, (Lydie and Joel) are developing a training program. The program starts with the new believer and goes through four levels. Hopefully, the end result is a church worker fully equipped to fulfill their ministry in the church and make new disciples.


Goal: $33,000

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