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While the need is great in Japan. The opportunity is also great. At Hope Alive church we have seen God do some great things and seen our church grow in great ways. We have seen God do some miraculous things. We have seen people come out of depression and come to know Jesus. We have seen families who are now walking with the Lord and raising their children in a healthy environment that points those children to Jesus. All of this happened because people heard the gospel. Last year at Hope Alive four people a week came to church for the very first time. Many of them it was the first time for them to hear the Gospel. Their first time to set foot in a church.

At 9:38, a significant moment is coming about—a pipeline of 1000 people praying and partnering to reach the unreached with the gospel. Taken from Matthew 9:38, this time signifies a prayer for God to send laborers into his harvest. As we ponder sharing the gospel in Japan and supporting the need for more churches, envision a movement of churches being planted all over the country.

Partner to Reach the Unreached With The Gospel Today!

1. Pray Daily:  Pray to the Lord of the Harvest: Set your clock to 9:38 a.m. or p.m., or both. When the alarm sounds, pause and pray earnestly for God to send workers to Japan and to reap a bountiful harvest.

2. Give $9:38: Sign up to give monthly to help the Hope Alive Network to plant churches in Japan. Your generous contributions will support our mission to bring hope to the unreached.

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Free Prayer Journal!

When you join 9:38 we want to send you a prayer journal to pray with us. Look for the link in your gift receipt for a form to receive your gift. We also want to invite you to a text group with prayer requests and specific updates about how you can pray for HA Network.

Hope Alive Network is committed to reaching the unreached in Japan. Our mission is clear: to train leaders from America and Japan to plant churches, share the gospel, disciple believers, facilitate resources, and strengthen the Body of Christ in Japan.

Let’s do this together! 

Join us on this exciting journey as we work together to bring Freedom, Purpose, and Fullfillment to the people of Japan. If you feel like God’s nudging you to be part of our church planting crew or help out in any other way. Just send us a message (link [email protected]) Let’s chat about all the cool ways we can partner up. Together, we’ll spread the good news to those who’ve never heard it before!

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