IMpact Japan Bus Project


The rental of large vehicles in Japan is quite expensive. For many years, we had to restrict numbers on evangelistic activities due to transportation limitations. Many years ago we were able to purchase an older bus to use for various ministries. However, this vehicle will need replacing in the future as well. The “bus project” fund will allow us to be ready to transition seamlessly into a more suitable vehicle to facilitate growth in ministry. This is a vehicle that consistently serves the following ministries – many of which are not financially possible without it.

  • E-TEAM ministries
  • FWB College ministry groups
  • THP ministries
  • Youth Camp Ministries
  • Association Meeting Transportation
  • Missionary gatherings and meetings
  • Short-term groups (U.S. Church Groups, Special Ministry Groups – World Cup Volunteer Team, Rugby Volunteer Team, Olympic Volunteer Team, etc.)

We are also blessed to be able to cooperate with other Christian outreaches here and share the resource.

*Numerous other church denominations and churches also use this bus to facilitate their ministries (they always leave an offering to help with bus expenses).

Thank you for giving consideration to this outreach project, and helping to make the gospel more accessible to the unreached people of Japan.

To give to this IMpact Project, simply click the button below.

For more information, email Nathan Snow at [email protected]

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