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The JPense events are events geared to attract seekers and skeptics to hear the truth of the Gospel and reasonable arguments to the existence of God and belief in Jesus. JPense events take place in Nantes, France, and directly translates to “I’m thinking about it.” We have noticed that although many people in France claim to be atheists, they really have never thought deeply about existential questions in life. Sadly most of these same people have not had the opportunity to hear sound arguments about why they can rationally believe in God.

At JPense, we share the Gospel by answering difficult questions and using apologetics to give reasons for our faith. Here are some examples of themes we have used in the past – How can I know God exists? If God is good why is there so much suffering in the world? Does science disprove the Bible? Who was Jesus? Does every religion lead to God?

We are so thankful that God is using JPense to open people’s hearts to Him. It has been very difficult to invite French people to attend church in the past and this has become a new and innovative way to share the Gospel with people who desperately need it.

The IMpact Project JPense provides the necessary funding for our rental building so we are able to host the JPense events. Without your help, we couldn’t host the events. We are so grateful for your help in advancing the Kingdom of God in France.

If you feel led to give to this IMpact project, simply click the button below.

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