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Meet Abby, IM Missionary to Japan

Abby was born in North Little Rock, AR, and moved to Washington, NC, when she was 11. She was raised in a faithful Christian home with the majority of her family being involved in ministry in some way. Abby attended Welch College for two years and then in 2019 transferred to Cumberland University to receive her bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Abby worked as a nurse for two years in Gallatin, TN. Even though starting her nursing career during a pandemic proved to be difficult, she enjoyed the growth in her knowledge of healthcare, the friendships made, and the ministry she was able to have with coworkers and patients. Abby also attended Rejoice Church in Antioch, TN, and played the drums in worship.

Abby was appointed as a missionary intern in December 2020 to Tokyo, Japan, and will be joining the Hope Alive church-planting team in Tokorozawa.

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Why Japan?

After graduating from nursing school, Abby went with IM’s College Missions Program (CMP) to Tokyo, Japan for six weeks. While she was there, she was able to see first-hand just how lost and hopeless the Japanese people were without Christ. Suicide and depression overwhelm the Japanese people every day, with more people dying from suicide than they did from Covid-19 in 2020. Less than 1% of the Japanese people are Evangelical Christians and Japan is considered the 2nd most unreached country in the world. Most of the Japanese people have never even heard of the name of God, but many showed interest in learning. After meeting these people, hearing their stories, and knowing the great need for the spread of the gospel, Abby’s burden for the Japanese people grew and she knew this was the Lord’s plan for her.

24 Unreached People Groups in Japan

Hear Abby’s heart for the Japanese people and her role in ministry at Hope Alive Church in Japan.

How she is ministering to the people in Japan

How you can pray for Abby

  • Pray for me as I transition into a new culture and learn the Japanese language.
  • Pray that starting small groups and Bible studies will go smoothly and that young Japanese adult will see this as a place for friendships and fellowship.
  • Pray that we will see people come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.

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