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Meet the Edgmons, IM Missionaries to Spain

We are Anthony and Lea Edgmon, and we have the privilege of living and working in a truly gorgeous corner of the Madrid province. Our town, Alpedrete, is situated in the shadow of the Guadarrama Mountains. It is a very family-oriented place with friendly neighbors. Our family has ministered in Spain since 1998. The majority of our years here have been spent planting and growing the Alpedrete church alongside our teammates. We are prayerfully working toward a new point of witness in our area. Anthony is the gourmet chef for our family and Lea is an avid book lover. Our children, Emily and Marc, grew up in Spain and are now working and studying in the US. We recently celebrated the joyful wedding of our daughter to her husband Nicolas.

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Why Spain?

We came to Spain in order to help plant churches that could reach into their local communities. 92% of towns in Spain have no evangelical church, so the task is tremendous. Although Spain has traditionally been known as a Catholic nation, many people in Spain these days identify themselves as agnostic, atheist or indifferent towards religious matters. In our day-to-day interactions, we find that there are still plenty of people who wrestle with spiritual uneasiness and have no one to share the simple truth of the gospel with them. Small towns like ours with no evangelical witness surround the area where we live and work. The Alpedrete church is making an impact in its community and we want to see that happen in neighboring towns as well.

16 Unreached People Groups in Spain

How they are ministering to people in Spain

How you can pray for the Edgmons

  • Pray for Spaniards who live in towns and villages with no evangelical witness
  • Pray for the Lord to use believing Spaniards to impact their families, their neighborhoods, and their country
  • Pray for outreaches into new areas
  • pray for God’s guidance and provision for our adult children in the U.S.

Anthony and Lea Edgmon

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