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Meet Debbie, IM Missionary to Japan

Hi! I am Debbie Griffin. From the quiet dirt roads of a South Georgia farming community to the bustling streets of Japan, I am amazed where the path of following Jesus has led. An introvert who is content to find adventure in the pages of a book, moving to Japan in December of 1986 was definitely outside my comfort zone.  Yet through all the struggles and joys, I found it an honor to serve for 25 years.

I worked with church planting teams in Ai No Sato and in Ebetsu on the Northern island of Hokkaido. My path took a u-turn in 2011 when I was led to resign from IM and return to Georgia to care for my aging mama. After her death, I was reinstated for ministry in Japan by the IM board in April 2019.

Why Japan?

Most Japanese people don’t know who Jesus is, have never read the Bible, or even met a Christian. As a Bible College student, I was gripped by the disturbing injustice that millions have never once heard of God’s love while I have lived my entire life in His presence. I began to earnestly pray that God would send someone to tell them. Before long, I began to feel a stirring in my spirit that I should be one to go. A summer mission trip to Japan deepened my love for the Japanese and confirmed God’s leading.

Less than 1% of Japanese know Christ and this number is shrinking as the Christian population ages with few young people coming to faith. If this trend continues the Japanese church could disappear.

24 Unreached People Groups in Japan

How she in ministering to people in Japan

How you can pray for Debbie

  • Please pray that I will be led by the Spirit to recognize open doors of opportunity to share the gospel with hearts ready to receive His word.
  • Please ask the Lord to help me to communicate effectively.
  • Please pray for Japanese believers to grow in faith and boldness to share their faith with family and friends.

Debbie Griffin

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