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Meet the Bishops, IM Missionaries to Japan

Doug grew up as a “missionary kid” in Hokkaido, Japan, and Miriam grew up in North Carolina. We were appointed for a two-year internship in 2012 and served in Bihoro, Japan for two years. In 2015, we were approved for career status and served our first term in Ebetsu, Japan from 2017-2020.

Currently, we are starting New Life Church,  in Ebetsu, Hokkaido. As team leaders, we are excited to work with the Speers, Taylor Pate, and Hannah Goucher. Our goal is to launch New Life Church in 2023! Hokkaido is known for having lots of snow and is famous for its ramen.

Why Japan?

As a college student, Miriam visited Japan for the first time, and while she was there they went to a 3,000-year-old shrine. It was at the top of a mountain, and it took a lot of effort to get to the top. When they reached the top, she realized that this shrine was here when Jesus was walking the earth. Today, people are still worshipping gods there, because they don’t know that the true God has already come to earth and dwelt among us. He is living today, and He is closer than a brother.

Japan is the second-largest unreached population in the world, despite having complete freedom of religion and having the Bible in Japanese. Doug grew up there and understands both the culture and the language, but both he and Miriam have a heart for seeing many Japanese people come to New Life in Christ.

24 Unreached People Groups in Japan

Learn about Japan and the need for the Gospel and the Bishops share about their ministry and the launch of a New Life Church!

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IMpact JFWB Translation Project

This project raises funds specifically for the translation efforts of Free Will Baptist literature, history, theology, etc. in Japanese. Your financial gift makes it possible for discipleship and leadership training to continue in Japan!

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How they are ministering to the people in Japan

How you can pray for the Bishops

  • Pray for the launch of New Life Church. Pray for God to open the hearts of the people that we meet, for our team to have a spirit of unity, and for many to come to New Life in Christ.
  • Pray for the spiritual, physical, and emotional health of our family.
  • Pray for the Japanese pastors and JFWB churches in Hokkaido and Tokyo.

Doug and Miriam Bishop

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