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Kenneth and Judy Bailey


Meet the Baileys, IM Missionaries to Japan

Ken and Judy Bailey, Tokyo, Japan, were both born in the state of Missouri. Ken came to know Christ at the age of 19, and Judy accepted Christ as a child but later rededicated her life at age 21. They have been with IM since 1982 and have lived and ministered in the Tokyo area since that time. Having lived in the country for more than half of their lives, they truly feel Japan is their “home.” The greatest thing about ministering in Japan is seeing people’s lives changed when they turn to the only true and living God!

Ken has a Ph.D. in Education and is a marathon runner and has climbed Mt. Fuji; Judy has taught children for more than forty years, studied tea ceremonies, and enjoys kabuki theater.

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Why Japan?

We felt God leading us into international missions when we were attending Welch College, and we surrendered our lives to His will at a 1977 mission retreat. Our hearts were broken and challenged when we learned that Japan was one of the largest unreached people groups in the world. We were led by the Holy Spirit to dedicate our lives to witness to the Japanese. Our ministry emphasis in our current work, Kamifukuoka Christ Church, is working with young families and senior citizens. We have different outreach programs involving both as we witness and share the gospel.

The evangelical Christians represent less than one percent, with the vast majority of the one hundred twenty-six million Japanese choosing Buddhism, Shintoism and/or materialism.

Kamifukuoka Christ Church Building IMpact Project

Both the Carneys and Baileys (IM missionaries in Japan) minister at KCC hosting Mommy and Me classes as well as many other outreach events for the elderly and local families. They have been renting the 2nd floor of a three-story building that has no elevator and is not very easily accessible. They would also like to be closer to their target area.

They are looking to buy a building closer to the train station which will give more opportunities to interact, invite, and share the Gospel with the local Japanese people.

When you give to the KCC IMpact Project, you are furthering the Gospel in Kamifukuoka, Japan.

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How they are ministering to people in Japan

How can you pray for Ken and Judy

  • Pray for more Japanese pastors and national workers.
  • Pray for national pastors and their families, many of who are living sacrificially for their calling.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of those who have heard the Word but not responded.
  • Pray for spiritual strength for Japanese Christians and missionaries, trying to be a “light” in the darkness.
  • Pray for prayer and financial support for missionaries working in the expensive Japanese economy.

Ken and Judy Bailey

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