Pakistan Partnership

IM partners with two different like-minded organizations in Pakistan.


Pakistan has a population of 220 million people. The Joshua Project reports that there are 504 people groups unreached by the gospel. At least 96% of the population identifies as Muslim. There is a minority of Hindus with a very small Evangelical Christian community. IM partners with two different like-minded organizations in Pakistan.


Nehemiah Trust desires to send some of their own workers into areas of Pakistan where there are unreached people groups. There are no churches established among these people. IM partners with them to make it possible to reach those who have never received the Good News.


Around 2005, Free Will Baptists from Korea sponsored the beginning of a Free Will Baptist work in Pakistan. The work there has experienced steady growth, but lost contact with their original sponsors. IM sent two representatives to Pakistan in 2021 to visit the work and get to know them and their needs. We discovered that there were thirty-five congregations (some of which are house-churches), a drug rehabilitation house for men, an orphanage for boys, two primary Christian schools, as well as other ministries.

These ministries are among the poor who live in slums in the city and in outlying villages and small towns. They have been laboring sacrificially with very few resources. IM is partnering with them to establish a leadership training program, assist them financially with their Drug Rehabilitation program and the resettling of Afghan refugees.

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