Hotline Prayer Requests

We exist to labor with the Body of Christ to fulfill the Great Commission.

July 1, 2020


  • Kenneth Eagleton – Praise the Lord! After two weeks in ICU on a ventilator due to COVID-19, in critical condition, nurse Lana from the Nova America FWB Church in Campinas was taken off the ventilator and is being moved into a regular room in the hospital. We appreciate those who have prayed.


  • Jonathan & Amy Postlewaite – When we return to Bulgaria in September, we hope to expand our efforts to make disciples and plant churches in the villages and smaller cities throughout the region surrounding our city. Please be praying that even now God will prepare the hearts of people in those places to receive the gospel. We are also hoping to see more people in Pleven and Odarne agree to participate in one on one discipleship and small group Bible studies when we return. Please be praying that people will respond positively to the invitation to do so.
  • Josh & Lydia Provow – Praise God for a woman in Vehtovo who came to our gathering for the first time on Sunday. In the past, she would come to say hi, but would always leave right as we were starting. Praise God, in the end she accepted the New Testament that we offered her. When Josh was in the village yesterday, he found out that she had been spending a lot of time reading it and had promised to return this Sunday!


  • Kenneth Eagleton – Praise the Lord! The churches in Cuba have been able to go back to on-site services this past weekend.


  • Allison (THP) – Due to the pandemic, one of my friends from the French university has had to stay in France this summer. Last Tuesday we met for dinner. God opened doors for me to share Truth with my friend, Anna. She is very interested in Christianity and is open to explaining her Hindu background and her beliefs that all religions and forms of spirituality lead to the same universal spirit. Please pray that God would continue to open paths of conversation as Anna and I meet for dinner each week. Pray that during her times of meditation, her heart and mind will be directed to the one, true God and that she will desire to know Him.


  • Carlisle Hanna – Pray for the condition of my health and my many years. I need God’s touch every day to enable me to be His servant and to get glory from my life. Thank you for praying for me and for the needs of all our people. We have been given dates to get our money from the bank but now it has been almost a year and we still don’t have it. Pray for our financial needs. Please pray for our hostel boys. They have been in their homes since March when the lockdown began. We know they need to be here and doing school work.

Ivory Coast

  • Kenneth Eagleton – Pray for the continued concern with the growth of the epidemic in the country. Abidjan is still isolated from the rest of the country.


  • Daniel & Shelby Culwell – Please continue to pray for Lily’s passport! We need to return to Japan to continue our fieldside work, with Lyn and Keri now back in the states this puts more work on the rest of the team. Pray God gives them strength and energy!
  • Doug & Miriam Bishop – Please continue to pray for Mr. A’s salvation. Pray for us as we prepare to head back for Stateside assignment. Please pray for Doug’s mom, Sandra Bishop’s, health.
  • Nathan & Linda Snow  – One of my dear friend’s mother is close to death. Please pray I can be a blessing to my friend during this time. Please pray for the “I family” that attends our church and is dealing with life after an extreme loss. Please pray for Mr. “K” as Nathan counsels him on certain life decisions he must make. Mr. “K” is a very dedicated Christian.


  • Eddy & Amanda Simmons – Please pray for Eddy. He has hand surgery on July 8 to relieve pain issues caused by a genetic disease, Dupuytren’s Contracture. He will also be undergoing a nerve ablation in his neck, in late August, to relieve pain. Please pray for the rains to continue in Sesia, Kenya. Please pray for Samburu men to surrender to the gospel ministry.


  • Anthony & Lea Edgmon  – This week we will be out of quarantine!! Praise the Lord with us for His protection of our health so far. Please continue to pray for His provision for our account and for doors to open to share the ministry with supporters while we are here in the U.S.
  • Tim & Kristi Johnson  – We are thankful for opportunities to help at various Social Outreach programs this month. Last week we worked with volunteers at the Galapagar Church as they distributed food to over 80 families. We even had an opportunity to pray with one lady there as she and her family have faced many health and financial challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. Next week we will be traveling to southern Spain to help another Social Outreach program as they receive, organize, and distribute food to needy people in their city. Pray that God will use each “cup of cold water” to bring glory to Himself.

Mission Family

  • Pray for our expecting missionary families: Brenton and Debbie Driscoll (Bulgaria), Samuel and Lauren Riggs (Spain), Daniel and Kate Speer (Japan), and Manuel and Noemi (Creative Access). Ask God to give each mom good health and wisdom. Pray each baby will grow and mature as expected.
  • Please pray for our missionaries as they continue to seek prayer and financial support.
  • Please pray for Don Matchett, IM Director of Development, who has been in the hospital for gallbladder surgery. Pray for a good recovery.
  • Pray for former missionaries struggling with a variety of health problems:
    Bobby and Sue Aycock (Brazil), Florine Coscia (Brazil), Ledgel and Sharon Ferguson (Ivory Coast and France), Glenda Fulcher (Uruguay and Panama), Mirial Gainer (Japan), Joe Haas (France), Sherwood and Vada Lee (Ivory Coast), Jerry Pinkerton (Côte d’Ivoire), Lloyd Plunkett (Côte d’Ivoire), Amy Robinson (Uruguay), and Don Robirds (Brazil, IM office).
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Past Prayer Requests

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