IM. Inc News Release – April 1, 2021

Lauren Biggs

IM Inc. News Release – Antioch TN

April 1, 2021

Kenneth and Rejane Eagleton to Serve as MIR at Randall University

Dr. Kenneth and Rejane Eagleton will be serving as Missionaries in Residence (MIR) at Randall University in Moore, OK, beginning in August for the 2021-22 school year. Kenneth Eagleton currently exercises a dual role of Director of Field Partnerships and field missionary work in Brazil.

As MIR, they will live on the Randall University campus, teach intercultural courses, and interact with students. During their stateside assignment, the Eagletons will also be available for missionary services and special meetings. Kenneth will also continue to serve as IM’s Director of Field Partnerships.

President Bob Thompson expresses his thoughts concerning Randall University, “The administration, faculty, and staff are excited to have Dr. Eagleton and his wife, Rejane Eagleton, as our Missionaries in Residence during the 2021-22 school year. Their presence on our campus will aid us in encouraging our students’ involvement in worldwide missions. It is our desire and prayer that Randall University become a Great Commission University. As the Eagletons teach and serve on Randall’s campus, we hope that our students will be impacted and challenged to answer the call to missions by saying, ‘Here am I, send me’.”

The Eagletons were appointed as missionaries to Ivory Coast in 1984, where they served through 2002, then were reassigned to Brazil in 2013. Kenneth initially focused on medical work in Ivory Coast but switched to leadership training there and in Brazil. He also assumed the position of Regional Director for Latin America and Africa from 2012 to 2017 before accepting the Director of Field Partnerships at IM position in 2018.

ETEAM Revises Destinations Because of COVID

Dr. Neil Gilliland and the leadership team at IM concur to finalize the decision to officially cancel all ETEAM INTERNATIONAL trips.

Dr. Gilliland reflects, “In 2020, as a result of the COVID pandemic, we had to cancel all ETEAM trips for the year. We began to set our sights on 2021 and moved forward with plans hoping that there would be significant changes in the crisis. Unfortunately, most countries are still closed, and there has not been enough change to move forward with ETEAM 2021 abroad.”

Barring additional virus spikes and lockdowns, ETEAM will still move forward with hosting in Chicago.

Pastor David Potete and Northwest Community Church have become an integral part of ETEAM this year. Pastor David has graciously offered to host and coordinate the experience in Chicago. He will be utilizing Northwest Community Church and other cross-cultural ministries in the Chicago area to provide an enriching experience. Please join IM in praying for the summer of 2022.

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