A Stepping Stone For Your Calling in Life

A Stepping Stone For Your Calling In Life

By Lucy Robinson

Last summer, three other people and I went to Ecuador to spend a couple of weeks at the school Antioquia (Jungle Kids for Christ) with the Duncans. We were in the classrooms helping the 3rd-12th graders with their English and it was so fun to get as involved as we did. We had the opportunity to help in the girls’ resident home and see their day-to-day lives without their families, who live deep in the jungle. We had the opportunity to help with the basketball academy. For me being heavily involved in sports anyway, it was wonderful to see how the kids could express themselves doing something they love and how the coaches taught discipleship through it. The Hanna project came the second week we were there, so we were able to do some mini projects like building benches and making pathways. We also had the opportunity to explore the community and get to know the locals (We even all ate a grub worm, which isn’t as bad as it sounds!) We went on hikes to see God’s beautiful creations and even made some local Ecuadorian dishes, which were absolutely yummy!

This trip allowed me to grow as a person and in my faith. It is hard to put into words the impact this trip had on me. When you see the world from a different perspective, you see how grateful these people are for everything that they have. While it isn’t much, they still have faith and a great relationship with the Lord, and it is very encouraging. God showed me forgiveness on this trip, and it has made my relationship with Him stronger.

My advice for future CMP students would be to just go and do it. If you are scared, or even unsure, just do it. I didn’t really understand what missions was until I went on this trip. I have met so many amazing people along the way who just want to serve the Lord and make an impact on so many unreached lives. Whether missions is something you want to do or not, this experience is something that can be a stepping stone for your calling in life.

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