IMpact Japan Bible Project


Imagine wanting to know more about Jesus and read the Bible, but you can’t because it is either not provided in your language or is very unaffordable.

The Word of God, Christian Hymns, and literature have all been used throughout centuries to help deepen, strengthen, and enrich our relationship with God. Bibles in Japan are not bought as easily or inexpensively as in the United States. Hymnals and discipleship materials are also needed. There are contacts and churches in every area of Japan where we have works with whom we can provide these resources.

The IMpact Japan Bible project raises funds specifically for Bibles and Christian materials for use in evangelism and church planting efforts in Japan. If you would like to give to this project, you are investing in the spirituality of a Japanese person around the world! Your financial gift makes it possible for evangelism and discipleship to continue in Japan.

Click the button below to give to “IMpact Japan Bible Project.”

For more information, email Rusty Carney at [email protected]

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