IMpact Kenya Solar MP3 Players


IMpact Kenya Solar MP3 Players

The translation of the Bible is crucial to the nomadic Samburu people in Kenya. They are constantly moving around with their cattle and using these solar MP3 players to hide God’s Word in their hearts and then share with others orally.

The IMpact Kenya Solar MP3 player project includes both solar mp3 purchase and distribution in the Samburu District, Kenya for the Samburu people. It is our hearts’ desire to provide the Bible in audio form to these precious people. There are currently seven New Testament books that have been translated into the Samburu language as well as a resource called “One Story,” which is a compilation of 30 Old Testament and New Testament stories (from Genesis to Jesus) retold in the Samburu language. The goal of this project is to work with the Seed Company/Wycliffe and the Bible Translation League of Kenya, in order to complete this project.

For more information about this IMpact project, contact Eddy Simmons at [email protected].

To give toward this project and make a difference in the lives of the Samburu people, simply click the button below.

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