Dennis and Carol Teague



Dennis and Carol are working with the JPense team and converts through the ministry to plant a new church in the Nantes area. They are also involved in making and following up on contacts in the area. Dennis continues to coach basketball as a way to get to know people, serve the community, and have a positive influence on the lives of the young men he coaches.

During their last term, they served alongside the St Sébastien church in helping roles and encouragement as Robert Bryan transitions out of the pastorate of the church.

Saved at age 15, Dennis struggled in his Christian experience until he recommitted his life to the Lord when he was 19 years of age. He felt the Lord speaking to his heart about missionary service during a Sunday night service in his home church. His call to missions service was solidified during a campus revival while he was a student at Welch College.

Carol accepted Christ as Savior at age 10 after attending a FWB church since infancy. While not sensing a definite call for herself to missionary service, she submitted herself to the Lord to go with her husband wherever He would send them.

Dennis graduated from Welch College in 1971. He spent nine months in France as a student and two summers as a student missionary. He worked with Joe Haas at the Rennes FWB Church. Teague also spent one year as youth pastor at Ardmore FWB Church, Ardmore, Okla.
Carol was active in teaching children’s classes during her high school days. Later, she taught CTS classes in Oklahoma and a junior high class in California.

The Teagues were first appointed as missionaries to France in August of 1974. They spent one three-year term in Rennes, France, working along with the Joe Haases and the Rennes church. In 1978 they resigned to further their education and Dennis assumed the responsibilities of youth pastor at Sherwood Forest FWB Church in El Sobrante, Calif. Dennis continued his missions education at the School of World Missions in Southern California. He and Carol were reappointed in November of 1983.

The Teagues led the church in Saint-Sébastien (in the metropolitan area of Nantes, France) toward self-support and national leadership. Cathy Crawford and Patsy VanHook worked with the Teagues as part of the Saint-Sébastien team for many years, contributing to the overall strategy to reach the vast throngs of unreached people in the area. Hundreds of residents were exposed to the gospel message for the first time through outreach events.

Dennis and Carol have three sons: Jered, born October 15; Joel, born January 22; and Justin, born July 23.

Dennis—Maranatha FWB Church, Ardmore, Okla.
Carol—New Hope FWB Church, Ina, Ill.
Current membership—Sherwood Forest FWB Church, El Sobrante, Calif.


Updated April 11, 2018

Prayer Requests

updated August 15, 2017

  • As we return to France ask God to give us safe travels.
  • Pray for the spiritual growth and maturity of the members of the St Sebastien Church. Ask God to give them love for one another that others will know they are Christians by their love.
  • Pray that God will give wisdom and direction as we begin a new ministry to youth and young adults in France. Pray that He will prepare the hearts of those young people with whom we will come in contact.


Dennis and Carol Teague

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