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Meet Dennis and Carol Teague, IM Missionaries to France

We, Dennis and Carol Teague, minister in France and have for 36 years. Dennis is from Ardmore, Oklahoma and Carol is from Ina, Illinois.  We met in Nashville at Welch College.  When we met Dennis had already been to France several times and then went back for a year to work with the Haases. During his stays in France, Dennis saw that there were few Protestant churches and the Catholic churches were struggling with mainly older attendees. Doing life together for us meant missions and going as a team to the country of France. We came to France as a team of two. We are thankful that we have three sons added to our team who are involved in the JPense ministries. We also have the privilege of having three French daughters-in-law and four grandchildren.

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Why France?

Since our arrival in the country, there have been many changes just as there have been in most parts of this world. The country is much more modern with a lot of technological advances. The spiritual context has also greatly changed. When we first arrived 90% of the population claimed to be Catholic. Today that number has been reduced to around 40% and still dropping. The other big change has been in the number of people claiming to be atheists or simply not believing in God. About four years ago a nationally known sociologist estimated that around 40% of the French people would claim to be atheists. A recent survey claimed that 50% of people interviewed said that they did not believe in God.

Some people say that the percentage of evangelicals in France is around 2%. Many of us believe it is more likely to be around 1%. However, our IM ministry is located in the western part of France which has an even lower number of evangelicals. Estimates run around one-half of one percent.

37 Unreached People Groups in France

How they are ministering to people in France

How you can pray for the Teagues

  • Pray for the spiritual growth and maturity of the members of the St. Sebastien church. Ask God to give Jonathan and Michelle Chereau wisdom and direction as they lead the church.
  • Pray that God will give wisdom and direction to us as we continue to work with the JPense team outreaches and the new church plant. Ask God to speak to the hearts of the many contacts that have been made.
  • Pray for us as Dennis pastors the St. Nazaire Church and that we will demonstrate God’s wisdom as we serve in this congregation. Ask God to help the church to reach non-believers.
  • Please pray that God will continue to grant us good health to continue in these ministries.

Dennis & Carol Teague

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