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Rusty & Brenda Carney


Meet Rusty and Brenda Carney, IM Missionaries to Japan

Rusty Carney (IL) and Brenda Wendlandt Carney (OK) both grew up in pastors’ homes and were saved at an early age. God began dealing with both of them independently about surrendering to His call to be missionaries. They ended up meeting at Welch college to study missions. They were married after graduation and have been serving in Japan as missionaries with IM since 2009. Their first two terms were in Hokkaido, and they are currently serving in the Tokyo area at the Kamifukuoka Christ Church. Rusty enjoys playing piano, spending time with people one-on-one, and observing the beauty of God’s creation. Brenda enjoys cooking, gardening, and socializing.

They have three children: Grace—a scheduled, passionate teenager. Kelton—an outgoing, spirited creative. And Katherine—a kind, nurturing helper.

Why Japan?

While in college we didn’t know much about Japan. We both took Spanish as our foreign language and Brenda actually had an interest in ministering to Muslims. However, after graduation, Brenda ended up coming to Japan as an Overseas Apprentice (after the door was shut to going to a Muslim country) and was struck by the overwhelming need for the Gospel to be shared among the Japanese people. She later returned for a 2-year internship. I (Rusty) also had the opportunity to come to Japan as an OA after graduation (while Brenda was doing her internship) and was blown away by the masses and masses of people who didn’t know about Jesus. After we were married and began to pray and seek the Lord about where He wanted us to minister—the people of Japan kept coming back to our minds… We were invited to come back to Japan on a vision trip, and through God miraculously providing the money and the time off from our jobs to go, He confirmed that Japan was indeed where He wanted us to be. So, we started the process of signing up with IM and have never regretted it! Yes, there have been many hard and challenging days, but knowing that we are sowing seeds of the Kingdom, as well as watering, and occasionally reaping, makes it all worth it!


We are working at the Kamifukuoka Christ Church trying to reach families for Christ. Ministering to children, their parents, and the elderly. We are also trying to reach out to the hopeless by passing out links to videos of how other Japanese have found hope in Jesus!

24 Unreached People Groups in Japan

Kamifukuoka Christ Church Building IMpact Project

Both the Carneys and Baileys (IM missionaries in Japan) minister at KCC hosting Mommy and Me classes as well as many other outreach events for the elderly and local families. They have been renting the 2nd floor of a three-story building that has no elevator and is not very easily accessible. They would also like to be closer to their target area.

They are looking to buy a building closer to the train station which will give more opportunities to interact, invite, and share the Gospel with the local Japanese people.

When you give to the KCC IMpact Project, you are furthering the Gospel in Kamifukuoka, Japan.

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How they are ministering to people in Japan

How to pray for the Carneys

  1. Revival for the Japanese Church
  2. The movement of the Spirit along with the preaching of the Gospel.
  3. Many Japanese lives to be set free from depression, anxiety, and fear.
  4. Boldness to step out of our comfort zone as we minister.
  5. Protection for our children at their various schools.
  6. Provision and encouragement for Japanese pastors.
  7. A new generation of “on fire” believers!

Rusty and Brenda Carney

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