A Story of Sharing the Gospel on the Field

There were four of us in the booth at the restaurant: two Japanese, two American. Three were there for the one who wasn’t yet a follower of Jesus. Today was the day. We were concluding the “First Steps” Bible study. Before we finished, the older Japanese lady shared her testimony of meeting Jesus and of how He had changed her life. After this, we read the final lines in the Bible study…   

“Do you believe that you are a sinner, that Jesus died to pay for your sins, and that He rose from the dead? Are you ready to repent, be baptized, and start a new life with Jesus?” 

This precious Japanese mom of a first grader set her gaze and replied, “Yes! I believe!” She then prayed a beautiful, simple prayer of faith in Jesus. As we got up from the table, she looked at me and said, “Ashley, I am now your sister!”  

Within a few months, my new sister in Christ was baptized on the same day as her son and they are now growing in faith together. Glory to God! 

By Ashley Ketteman in Japan

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