Online Ministries

Kenneth and Rejane Eagleton

It as been over a year since I have been able to travel internationally to visit our partner projects and have only made two in-country trips. There have been too many gathering and travel restrictions. This has forced me to do almost all of my work from home, online. Here are some of the projects that keep me busy.

  • Correspondence and videoconferences with our partners and with headquarters in the USA.
  • Teaching classes online for our Bible School here in Campinas.
  • Coordinating an expansion of our Bible School to new extensions in FWB churches in other cities.
  • Leading a weekly Bible study and prayer group online.
  • Writing four 100-page study manuals for Bible College courses that will be published and sold to schools across Brazil. Three have already been completed and are being prepared for printing.
  • Mentoring a couple of young preachers online and doing some counselling for others.
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About Kenneth and Rejane Eagleton

The Eagletons are assigned to the country of Brazil where Rejane works in literature translation and Kenneth teaches at the seminary in Campinas and does church leadership development. Kenneth also serves as director of field partnerships.