Writing Course Materials for Leadership Training

I have not been able to travel to the locations where we have partnerships during this COVID-19 pandemic. This has given me the opportunity to do a little more writing of course materials for our leadership training classes.
First, I wrote in French for the classes I was assigned in Ivory Coast. In the last few months I have been writing in Portuguese.
There is a Christian publisher here in Campinas (Brazil) that is developing course materials to be used in local church Bible Institutes. I have agreed to be one of his authors. We have another four FWB pastors writing for him as well.
I agreed to write the manuals for four courses: Missiology, Hermeneutics, Evangelism and Church Planting, and Christian Counseling. The first two manuals are done and I am in the process of writing the third one. Each one is a little over 100 pages in Word.
Yesterday I received the art work for the cover of the first two manuals, which are still in the editing stage and have not been published yet. I thought they look pretty good.
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