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Joel and Lydie Teague



Joel and Lydie Teague were appointed as career missionaries to France in April 2016 after completing a two-year internship. Joel, missonaries Dennis and Carol Teague’s son, grew up in France. He married Lydie, a French national, in 2008. Their ministry focus is reaching non-Christians in France through ministries JPense and discussion groups.

Joel was about eight years old when his mother explained to his older brother that he could accept Jesus in his heart, be forgiven for his sins, and go to heaven if he repented and put his faith in Jesus. He did just that. A little bit later Joel told his parents he also wanted to become a Christian and accepted Christ as his Savior.

Lydie was converted at the age of 17 through the ministry of Jerry and Barbara Gibbs in Saint Nazaire’s Free Will Baptist church in France.

Joel and Lydie have been involved in youth ministry in France since 2003.

Joel and Lydie studied and worked full-time jobs while serving in these various ministries. Through the years, as they were moved by God and experienced hearts deeply broken for the lost souls in France, they realized God was calling them to work full-time for Him and completed the studies required for the Mission.

Lydie was part of the team that organized a youth event (Jegnal) in Nantes and gradually began to help with the organization of Jcrois, an annual youth conference that also takes place in Nantes. Joel has been involved in the preparation and organization of Jcrois since the beginning. He is also the MC and drummer during the event. Jcrois’s goal is to equip Christian young people to share their faith with their friends. During each event, a church service designed for seekers is held. An invitation at the end of the service always results in people receiving Jesus. God has blessed Jcrois in an incredible way. In 2011, 10 people responded to the invitation to receive Jesus as their Savior.

Joel and Lydie also lead the youth group in St. Sébastien’s Free Will Baptist church since 2007. Joel and Lydie have tried to guide young Christians put Jesus first place in their lives and to serve Him. Young non-Christians also attend the youth group and hear the gospel. Some have welcomed Christ into their hearts.

Joel became one of the church leaders in 2009, plays drums, and is in charge of the communication of the church. He created and maintains the church website and makes graphic designs for posters, banners, and flyers, as well as creating videos, etc.

Jpense began as small discussion groups about questions such as “If God exists, why is there suffering on earth?” or about passages in the Bible. These groups are for people who are searching for answers to questions about spiritual subjects. In 2008, Lydie started discussion groups with young non-believers. Discussion groups on tough questions readily appealed to the French people,  who do not naturally come to the church (at least not in the beginning) but enjoy discussing hard topics. Young women came to know Christ through this ministry. In September 2011, with Dennis and Carol, Joel and Lydie began training 22 of the Saint Sebastien church people so they can start their own discussion groups with their friends.

Joel and Lydie have also discipled new believers. They realized many new believers turned away from God or engaged in a worldly lifestyle because they were not discipled. The coupe believes discipleship is extremely important and have spent more and more time training new believers.

They have two daughters, Eva, born February 20, and Alyssia, born May 30, and a son, Derek, born January 22.


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our discussion groups as we talk about God with young adults. That they may see the truth and understand the Gospel.
  • Pray for the JPense evangelism events and discussion groups, that they will bring much fruit.
  • Please pray for our impact project. We are in need of donations to support our new ministry. We need to get equipped to be able to have services and outreach events more often. Pray that we will meet our financial need so we will have the resources to carry out our ministry among the young adults. You can give online here : under Impact JPense and you can send in checks to the FWBIM (memo: Impact JPense).
  • Pray for the new converts through our ministry that they will stand strong and be witnesses to their friends and families
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